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Live from NPR news in Washington, I'm Jeanine Herbst. The political wave and demand for change that's been battering the Democratic Party crashed into Massachusetts Tuesday. In a stunning upset. Boston city councillor ion Presley defeated ten term incumbent congressman Michael Yano in the Democratic Party from member station. WVU are in Boston. Anthony Brooks has more. It seems like change is on the way. This is a dramatic victory for Arianna Presley, the first black woman elected to the Boston city council. She trounced fellow democrat Michael cap, you know, by eighteen points, the two agreed on most issues, but Presley argued she could better represent the state's only majority minority district, which includes most of Boston and several of its surrounding communities. We committed to running a campaign for those who don't see themselves reflected in politics or government forever told that their issues their concerns their priorities can wait with no Republican opponent. Pressley's victory means she'll become the state's first African American woman to serve in congress for NPR news. I'm Anthony Brooks in Boston. After a contentious first day of nomination hearings devoted entirely to opening statements, anti by protests supreme court nominee. Brett Cavanaugh should be able to start answering questions today NPR's Windsor Johnston. Takes a look at the range and. Limits of what may be covered today in the Senate Judiciary committee Kavanagh's positions on abortion voting rights, gun control, and the limits of presidential power are all likely to be scrutinized. But Elizabeth Slattery illegal fellow at the Heritage Foundation says it would be unfair for the Senate panel to ask cabin all to prejudge hypothetical cases, I know that they'll certainly try to. But at the end of the day, we don't know what other members of the court what they would make out of the case. And so it's not as though the supreme court justices would wake up one day and say today, we're going to overrule Roe v. Wade case would have to come to them. Democrats continue to press for the release of documents from cabin all's tenure in the White House. President Trump has withheld them citing executive privilege Windsor Johnston. NPR news, Washington executives from Facebook and Twitter are appearing at house and Senate hearings today. Here's Tim Mack. Says lawmakers want to know what steps are being taken by social media networks to combat Russian meddling. Ahead of November's congressional midterm elections. Some of this is driven by the nature of the threat. There's no sign. It's actually diminishing this past month, we had Microsoft, Facebook and Twitter all announced they discovered new foreign influence operations. Iran was revealed to have created a worldwide disinformation campaign and on top of that we saw new Russian disinformation campaigns and apparent hacking. Attempts people are on red alert NPR's, Tim MAC reporting in financial markets. Asian markets were lower by the bell. The hang sang down two point six percent. This is NPR news. This is morning edition on WNYC at seven. Oh, four good morning. I'm Kerry Nolan. Got a lot to tell you about on the rails and subways this morning cancelled trains are causing delays on New Jersey transit's northeast corridor and north jersey coast lines on the Long Island railroad..

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