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Okay i don't know why i thought this music would be good with it just it's all the music that i could think of while we were producing that incredible production of abby lee miller being recruited into a sex cult run by a man named the vanguard allegedly by allison mack f actress from smallville so weak wat sterling on sunday have you seen these commercials on television for a store like hutton crusty or panera bread and they talk about the fact that they have clean food right there i get a mental image that's very disturbing because immediately my brain goes to the not clean food right there and then they talk about how the sandwiches are handcrafted and then and this is what gets me they put ingredients on the sandwiches that are drizzled on drizzled on listen to me very carefully i don't want any any drizzle i don't want any drizzle going on my sandwiches i eat morons like you up for breakfast i don't want any drizzle you know what i want on my sandwiches and i'm getting confessed your horrible sexist thought that i have on a regular basis i want more medo in fact when i'm at a deli counter do you know what i say i don't say i've never gone to a deli counter and said you know i'd like you to drizzle drizzle on subversion dressing drizzle on some vinaigrette some white wine vintage vinaigrette onto my turkey sandwich no i say i want more mayo put more mayo on that sandwich for me and actually way a phrase it is i i say put on more mayo then you're supposed to put on more mayo than you're supposed to and then i get it right or more mustard than you're supposed to earn some sandwiches like a big in an egg i say put on ketchup because if you're from jersey you put on ketchup i'm sorry but it's true you put on catch down gonna confess great sexism to you there is exactly one job that i am not comfortable seeing a woman doing flying an airplane a teacher i am uncomfortable with a woman behind the deli counter making my sandwich because how would she know how much a guy like me once in manny's were cheese or how many slices of meat to put on it that is the only job i am uncomfortable seeing a woman.

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