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Susan Witkin federal agents were involved in a shooting in Denver's Valverde neighborhood this afternoon. The agents were trying to serve a warrant to a man with a probation violation. He was a passenger in a car that was stopped. A woman was behind the wheel the two were shot and taken to the hospital boulder. Police have arrested a Buddhist teacher and meditation leader for sexual assault on a child year old Bill Corrales is accused of assaulting a student. He met through the Shambala Buddhist community. The victim says the assault started in two thousand when she was thirteen years old. The president's is planning to give what his aides call and inspiring vision of American greatness, when he delivers his state of the union address next week, a senior White House officials saying the president will call for both parties to work together in a divided congress, and we'll ask for compromise on safe and legal immigration. The president also plans to ask congress for a package that fixes and Bill. American roads, bridges, airports and rail lines something he's been unable to get the first two years. You'll also discuss how he plans to lower healthcare and drug costs ABC's Andy Field. KOA NewsRadio will air the state of the union and the democratic response. The brutal cold that's been freezing more than two thirds of the people in the US is now blamed for at least twenty one deaths this week today. Major changes being rolled out in the boy scouts organization girls between the ages of eleven and seventeen can now. Join the boy scouts in from here on out the program will be called scouts BSA. Our next news updates at six o'clock. I'm Susan Witkin KOA NewsRadio eight fifty AM and ninety four one FM..

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