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We look at advanced stats so much and we're so ingrained in the natural stat tricks and such that we almost miss or forget. Like the simple staff sometimes. I didn't realize, as you said, I didn't realize Taylor hall was second on the team. The other thing he has two goals in 7 games. That's what I just kind of always go back to. You're right though, Coyle is at a very, before the season you had said, if someone came and said, hey, you're gonna guess how many points coil has in the first 7 games. But let me tell you the scenario. He's on. He's on the second line in the center for a bit, then Craig Smith gets heard. He's pushed to the wing. They all cheese. It's been a really tough start. Hopefully he kind of defines this game. Yeah. Over the next ten games. But as you said, he's been great. He's been, you know, everything you've really wanted out of that position. I mean, you can't be mad with what you got. So as you said, I mean, hopefully for him, he continues on this route of just kind of producing and as we've said all year, you don't need a ton. You don't need 60 points. You just need them to get 45 to 55 points, and you're chillin. And Taylor hall to score and produce and you need Craig Smith. If you can get 25 goals out of Craig Smith, I mean, he's been hurt. So obviously him kind of getting healthy again and getting back into rhythm will help. But yeah, I mean, can't be mad at what you got from Coyle, thus far. But one guy who did I say this has not. It's only video and audio. So again, keep this for record. You know, you can't keep this for the record. Patrice bergeron zero goals in 7 games. Now goals are not everything. Goals are not everything this is not like when Charlie mcavoy has was a 2019 20 this feels like 20 years ago. I think it was 2019 20. It was, because I remember him scoring an OT goal. I think it's the black hole. Yeah. Yeah. And like February. Yes, it was it feels like a million years ago because of COVID, but in 2019 20 mcavoy had no goals through must have been what 60 games or something. There was a long streak. People said, oh, you know, he's bad because of this. Well, no, not necessarily. He's a defenseman, so it's different. But Berkshire does have zero goals for 7 games, only three points. Not indicative of everything. He's had some chances, but definitely need a little more on a burger on. Yeah, I think Bruce casting more or less echoed that where I don't think they're hitting the panic button. You know, it's not like, oh, his games, you know, lost a step or two. I think it's a byproduct of many things. I think Cassidy mentioned that the underlying numbers look good. They should generating a lot of chances. So some of its puck walk. I think Casa said they've hit the post one than any other team in the NHL. I mean, Martian was has that?.

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