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Five drivers and fans of 25 jobs i have no reason to watch anymore but i'm telling you if you get somebody hooked enough on their driver making it to the next round they'll sit around and watch arrested especially if it's not a huge tom commitment sixty seven teams that when the unsuitably basketball tournament right and but here he won teams don't win the super bowl twenty nine teams don't win the world series 30 teams don't win the stanley cup like what who cares like you get eliminated then you pick a winner stupid right right and then and then and then owners have to pick drivers sparingly you think you think the casey came when a stuck with hendrick if he was eliminate in the first round every for 15 out of the thirty six races right hell no performance becomes a huge huge factor at that point and what a people like the allstar race smaller field yep smaller field shorter race boom boom boom wacky rules exactly yeah and they and they eliminate people summit and that's the big thing it and the biggest thing is is that the lacked rule does it matter until the last segment of the ray everyone reset on the same lap when you get eliminated whatever and then you go from there no no i don't dislike that at all and what this later on a fix it affects the guys is on in you can admit this in you can even throw on top of that you could even there on top of that kind of like they do in the open race before the allstar race where they do that and three segments and the winner union you get that first winner at the second one of the third winner and they vance they all dance you could do that too you could say hey you know if you're david reagan and you happen to have a good qualifying day and in that first 30minute session you can actually win it then you automatically advance you have a shot to win the the entire race.

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