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And welcome back to coast to coast docked jole wallich with us dr wallich of course the his research has resulted in the publication of more than seventy peerreviewed and referee journal articles in the fields of nutrition and pharmaceutical research he is with the criticalhealthnewscom team go to that website often is at phone number to call again because we give you a lot of information and a lot of people say oh my god can write it down that fast one eight five five nine four nine radio 18559497234 doc wallich appears on a show for a couple of hours every month in here he is this month right before halloween joel welcome to the program oh thank you so much giorgio appreciate your house fidelity thank you so much doc i i let me ask you this question about this boy who was on a diet of potatoes pork lamb apples cucumbers and cheerios and they said it led to his vision loss what the heck was happening to you well i'm basically eight died during restricted of that was without supplementation the kids are gonna get many many crucial deficient have i'm marie simple vitamin a deficiency which can cause uh all kinds of vision law and so um ears a case where somebody treating symptoms and disregarding the basic needs of the body every cell in your body require 90 essential nutrients fix an arrow minerals and vitamins miss is threepenny as it in your eyes are no different and require only 90 essential nutrients diet is restrictive is that was apples and potatoes um it's israeli a miserable thing so um and cheerios don't forget to cheerios low because heroes are made out of haute and um.

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