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It won't go. If you hit the gas pedal it'll go and he just kind of looked down. Oh and then completed the purchase. He was just so caught up in like these are the steps of how we want you. We want every customers phone. We wanna be able to like get in touch with them and market to them if possible so he was just think new and kind of had the jitters and then once he realized like oh yeah i can just hit skip or bypass whatever so and then being quit and became a murderer. David i look. I made my decision david. No i had to read all those grisly crime. I felt awful. He's known beast of the bookstore. The bookstore that night he went out and did a bunch of murders so and then he got named the beast of the bookstore. You've all heard of. He wasn't at the bookstore anymore but because he recently come from there he was named by the. They didn't have his name until he was arrested so he was one of those murderers that gained his name after he was already incarcerated. So i never got much. Traction you know normally the paper. Oh we're looking for the garden. Hose killer but this wasn't one of those before that ball he was sneaky stabber and then when he got arrested found that where he was the beast bookstore you really stepped up going from this sneaky. Stabber no-one's intimidated. Because he didn't catch him for so long that everyone thought it was cute. Like they're like. This is a lot of people dead but it's like cute because he would like sneak on. His tiptoes just seemed kind of fun right because he only got the name because someone survived. I remember she was like yeah. I turned around and he was just there like and then he got the knife and knees. All crooked did that. Didn't she say she was downright delighted. I think that's the exact quote..

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