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That they're not they're not indicating what is happening which is very very different a very different approach to asylum seekers was taken by the obama justice department and it was changed by jeff sessions but all the headlines screamed that we're being mean to women and people who are fleeing domestic violence and gang violence now my question to you do you think we're being mean air do you think the jeff sessions is being unnecessarily cruel to women eight three three eight five two four eight six six women or anybody really because they've changed the the changed the the rules of the game so it's gonna affect both men and women but part of the big emotional appeal of the story is the idea that we are somehow not allowing women who are being abused by their spouses to come into this country should we is that something that the united obviously the the people are suffering a woman in central america who is being who's afraid of her husband who's being beaten or hurt or you know whatever there is happening obviously i would think all of my listeners would have sympathy for this woman the question is is it the responsibility of the us government to then take them into this country and provide them a new home a new country to live in if someone's being abused in their home do they get to live in a new country specifically our country the united states of america eight hundred three eight five two four eight six six here's.

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