Bernie Hill, United States, President Trump discussed on Ground Zero with Clyde Lewis


Triple eight six seven three thirty seven hundred that's triple eight six having three thirty seven hundred you know there wasn't time and i think many of us bitter an rv these understand the time and i'm sure other generations could have their time were the most certainly remember parts of their lives where ufos alien speculation was most certainly a pop culture event earlier a lotta significant incidents that they can recall including reported contact with alien entities citing of aircraft frequently seen them popping up in clusters receive a menu of o flaps uh and we and we look back it films like i dunno close encounters of the third kind that debuted 19th seventy seven people say well that's when the first people started really talking about of dutch is not not necessarily because many of bernie hill were in the '60s in that was one of the first reported abduction cases in the united states you are foes are having another moment right now but this time it's a it's a agent were crucial moment especially since the political world is paying more attention to outer space and the president signed the space industry of that we have a a many people competing for the space dollar the space race is on as i said you know the space raises but it's not we think yvonne exactly what you think emilia logo at he'll on mosques said today he said that he wanted to build a new city he wanted to bring a million people to mars he wants them to move their forty two hundred years from now wants to call it metropolis and if you bounce around science websites you started hearing about plans of building space stations going to the moon again colonizing mars that's only part of the plan and i've been besieged with eu mail saying clyde you just can't let up on this topic.

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