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Hi welcome back it is the Ben Ferguson show good to have you with us if you just joined us we are shouting right now about is it time to reopen this country and what should the government be doing when it comes to re opening this country it is a question that many people just you know don't understand about how tough it is for businesses right now small businesses right now and while I say that okay I want to be clear what while I say this I I understand the medical side of this too we're in a tough spot this is a really really really tough spot I get it I totally understand but if we don't open up this country soon we're gonna be screwed if we don't open up soon we're gonna be in Shiri has trouble when we go to your phone calls one eight hundred four seven four nine seven three two Robert you're on the Ben Ferguson show I I am in favor wearing these masks I think it's probably important for us in the next thirty days and a lot of places depending on the data locally but I I don't think we can wait most play people I I think small business owners cannot wait till June or July to get back to normal after what we've already gone through your reaction John it Robert you there I'll be honest with you man your territory makes you're you're talking about pretty much how we need to buy them all the land and everything but now since yes you know eight now your your paycheck pocket well now you wanna open we are so let me show me clear five because if that's what you got out of this and you're here you're not listening two or three weeks ago we were in a very different situation we are today because we were seeing the curve continue to go up we did not he can this country with cases we clearly were trying to get to a P. can start coming down with some positive data totally different set of scenarios now what we're seeing for many communities in the country is people that are in government saying we know when insight for this pandemic reflecting restrictions we're in a very different financial situation nationwide people are very different financial situation than they were three four weeks ago because we're now seeing every day that were closed and they've had the statistic come out X. number of thousand businesses that will never re open we are seeing what is happening now with this long term I mean we know now and this is our give examples of where I am we're looking at minimum of thirty days until we get some sort of normality the the mayor has said minimum okay minimum thirty more dates were April the twenty six now then next week is the third then then then then the tenth in the seventeenth the twenty fourth so we're looking at and at least through the twenty fourth of may then if you start doing it in a phased out you know scenario we're now looking at mid June and that's if the data holds so I it's not again I asked the question few weeks ago for people that were saying it's okay to have people died open the economy back up and it was a question of if you remember on the show I said welfare health there's a grand debate happening in this country well for help which one is it right what we choose in the near term when the numbers were going up and we could see them going up significantly I said it's better to side on the side of health at this moment in time we are now seeing the numbers come down we're seeing some positive numbers now I think re opening it's something that we can't just say all right we're going to wait a whole another month or two months ended June July even in some parts of the country without trying to slowly get the economy back I think wearing masks is a great idea for thirty days I'm in favor of that I'd be in favor of that and having fifty percent capacity Hey so you're doing it more of a response always is just opening up the floodgates but their business is right now that are listening tonight that three weeks ago said I can hold on a few more weeks they can not do it any longer talk to the banks don't pay the same thing well there's a lot of mental illness going around right now with people who you know stress are elderly you know they're not able to and I agree with mark I got three I mean this is I'll be honest we totally open I have three kids I'm about to go insane trying to work from home with three kids I mean I've got I got I got one year old twins and I got a three year old it's it's this is the you know even even my wife for me were sent there the night I was like we were just like we have to get out the house we're going to go crazy you're on edge right with each other because just you're you're cooped up you're on edge with your kids as in there with you know loving them not let me use your on it you've been stuck in a house for two months straight the kids are going crazy and and we literally got in the car and just drove around for a date night and got food to go for a date night just to get some normality and that's the best we could do because the loss okay the conversations the Ben Ferguson show by the way if you need to save money and you got a cell phone listen to me the soft hitting and unfortunately no end in sight the.

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