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You know, what makes me sick? You know, what makes me mad out us Mony get into a Whealy pop contests. What big daddy, Don garbage? Man. I heard is saying on here. The other day, did you know, quaint Anglians? Oh, man. Flipped his car. Yeah. Kane villain nude is not a seven years old Ravin here. Seventy he hits his car flipped his Range Rover. Nobody got hurt. Thank god. Yeah. Turns out over nine nukes. Your hazard a real do catch. My question is what the hell is ninety seven year seven-year-old king of England and blowing down a country road. Lackey Genta Daytona five hundred. Now realizes Cayman island. Oh, philip. He can do whatever the hell Iwunze workshop over there. The raw data over there is above the Lao. But I'll show thank your comes a point in your lap or honest may flex and rationally see maybe you're too old to drive maybe now me five ninety seven years old. I am not going to lie to you. I would probably still be drab and two but Dashon encounter. I'm a redneck. Now, probably steel would have to work and the gracious people of Angolan won't be chipping in to get me driver. But I'll tell you what they. When I'm not. I'm only driving lock shock demolition derby job. Yeah. Okay. Philip blows me like I'm standing still fag. With me Nassir. I'm going to slow it down. I'm on turn up radio. Enjoy the ride because I firmly believe when you're not as seven years old. Ain't no place. You got to get real shoe? Yeah. Do you ever get past some of them old people on the highway Sunday doing forty five turn signal on little white haired had barely peeking over the steering wheel. Someday at bureau pitch grabbing knock-about to my girlfriend's house. There's no way. Tonight is seven. I mean, let's be sure is wake up America..

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