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The stitches they'll bella track where he get ready for jacksonville be the best we can take this as we can for the team to do this for us oregon amodio patriots and jaguars get things started on sunday the eagles in vikings play the late afternoon game go to fake news here the packers bringing back scott mccurry who was let go along with dom capers maturely codes the inside linebackers last season unclear what position hill hold under mike patten espn first the break the news former packers assistance edgar bennett might target act joined jon gruden staff in oakland and in college basketball tonight the badgers taking on the fighting ally illinois oh ensue six and conference play the bands or two and four to five times set for eight o'clock that was pretty a few sit for bill bella check that was almost i was our centers thick second cut that's pretty long for him during championship week absolutely so what really happened behind the scenes that led all those changes with the packers top brass are wayne lehrer begets the inside scoop from pete doherty of the press is that it's all in his latest playbyplay podcast on wtmjcom presented by your local chevy dealer it's 447 you're the top stories we're following and this friday afternoon president trump has cancelled a planned trip to florida to celebrate the oneyear anniversary of his inauguration he will stay in washington as the threat of a government shutdown tonight continues wisconsin's been added to the federal government's list of state with severe outbreaks of the flu the cdc says nationwide thirty children have died from the virus so far this season ten of them dying this week alone and milwaukee civic milwaukee sending out new letters warning families of potential let exposure from the city's water hear much more in these stories coming up at five o'clock it is 448 to check at your ride home the roads and todee our next inside the locker room with great bought the draft season in the nfl and wall we know the mocked rousing gospel i'll tell you why early thoughts are very pleasing the packers fans i'll do it tonight at seven twenty four sorts center with greg matsick on wtmj hi this is the.

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