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Men she had on the bench, you know, being a little cheeky with him, but we could tell there was, you know, some chemistry in the room. What do you think her dating? Why do they call him the milkman? I Don. I feel like that's a question item in d. home l.. Spicy, but he's really cute. Kelly is going to be just fine. I mean, we should all strive to have Kelly's dating life probably because she is gorgeous and she's independent and she's kind of unlike Vicki. I feel like she is not going to be needy now, you know, they're probably gonna need her. That's what she's gonna make them think they do. Yeah. Yeah, appro. Okay. So what do we think about the new lives? Jean-Ann Emily, you know, it's always great to see new faces on housewives franchise, and it will be interesting to see. 'cause I hear housewife, it's a lot of pressure. I mean, New York goes through quick. Yeah, Tinsley was very lucky that she's still here because jewels gone, right? The ones I can't remember gone. Yeah, but first season housewife, it's a lot of pressure. So I guess time will tell you're right, you're right. All right. I think it's time for word on the street with Eric t areas. Okay. Hi, Kate. Hi, this is a segment where we talk about what's going on on social media. So I have a couple of things I wanted to run by you. This is what I've seen lately, so I don't know if you remember, but Ramona was on love connection last year. Did you? Did you see that? Have you seen that? Yes, it's daddy, Andy Cohen. Right. Of course. Yeah. So she posted a picture on Instagram with one of the guys that she went on a date with. So I'm wondering if this is another little, are we having. Silver. Mario, too. Oh my gosh. Like Mario. Okay. Now that you say it is Mario oversee the vision. I love good head of hair a reconnect from love connection as the caption. I don't think that's a date. I think that's a Jew think they ran into each other. I think he was in town on business and let's meet for a drink. She's wearing a blazer, right? Where you want to write up, what would you wear if you're trying to hook up. Tell us not a blazer. So yeah, I think I mean Ramona's she's still single. She's in the streets. She's doing her thing for her, right. You know, Vermont is pretty good. Yeah, I'm impressed. I am. Yeah. Wow. What else do you have? Well, another thing and I really wanted to talk to you about this, which I thought was really cool. So Sheena shea, a vendor pump roles? Fame, she tweeted this morning. I actually grew up on boats my entire life, and I've been driving them since I was a kid stop at she and she, I guess she must live in marina del Rey. She tweeted, I've decided I live in marina..

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