KIM, South Carolina, Genetically Modified discussed on Ground Zero with Clyde Lewis


Sean miller he's a crisis of the now in dc good exposing people to lethal chemicals in simulants has not stopped either there have been the various reports of kim trails how they're covert and the covert way of calling the population but what happens when the powersthatbe overtly expose people that's why finding interesting in fact residents in in northern oklahoma town are concerned after learning of the department of homeland security's plan to conduct outdoor chemical tests according to a draft of the study of the department of homeland security's official website the proposed tests will be conducted in early 2018 and again in the summer 2018 at the choco indian school campus near newkirk oklahoma according to department homeland security officials the study will include low level outdoor releases of inner chemical and biological semilet materials officials said the purpose of the study is to gather data but enhances the department's predicted capabilities in the event of of biological aging attack however residents of the area our concern meanwhile the us environmental protection agency has given its approval for mosquito mate a kentuckybased biotech note technology company they they've given them permission mosquito bite the give him mosquito make permission to release its bacteria infected male mosquitoes in several parts of the united states the twenty approves states are california connecticut delaware illinois indiana kentucky massachusetts maine maryland missouri new hampshire new jersey nevada new york ohio pennsylvania rhode island tennessee vermont and west virginia as well they're authorising this in washington dc brazil is the thing remember brazil it also tried to use all these genetically modified mosquitoes in some say it resulted in the outbreak of disease virus which of course damaged reproductive health in the region once again population control three the evidence of population reduction can be found if you just look and they're doing it right in front of everybody and and no one seems to care no one seems to making any discussion about and this is how it goes down go to perry in south carolina high perry on ground zero hi clyde great great showed or nice thank you good to talk to you yeah cold night you just touched got it i heard something on the evening news that was alarming even even what was more or l'armee was the nonchalant attitude in which it was reported in.

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