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Falling the number of infections is down 61% since last month's peak of the autocross search This puts the nation's daily average at about 313,000 cases with the death toll topping 902,000 The author of her graphic Holocaust book says he has mixed feelings about it being used in middle schools art spiegelman told a crowd last night he initially agreed with the Tennessee school board banning mouse but now he admits he's troubled by the decision I'm going nowhere you won't find me The count down to Hollywood's biggest night begins this morning Oscar nominations will be revealed soon with a big change to the best picture category This year ten movies are getting the chance to win an Oscar the power of the dog and west side story are expected to be on that list Belfast dune and licorice pizza are also likely to do well after previous nominations the Oscars will be handed out on March 27th I'm Michael castner When the market day begins with chemistry It's okay you're a full this morning You can come on a reaction So then why do you say the doubt doesn't matter I'm just sarcasm Bloomberg is surveillance It's 70s turned on Bloomberg radio Markets headlines and breaking news 24 hours a day As Bloomberg dot com the Bloomberg business app and at Bloomberg quick take He's a Bloomberg business lash And I'm Karen Moscow futures turned lower this morning we're watching earnings from the Bloomberg from Pfizer we go to the first word breaking news desk for today's morning call and here's Bill maloney Bill good morning And good morning Karen modest losses in the U.S. futures right now at deaf futures down 21 points SA's drop 8 Well the NASDAQ futures are now lower by 40 The U.S. ten year old at 1.94% golden oil are trading lower and Bitcoin is little changed Hong Kong fell 1% overnight while European markets are in the green this morning and back in the U.S. on the economic front at 8 38 the U.S. trade balance after about last night and EPS beat estimates while take two miss estimates and regarding earnings this morning you mentioned Pfizer Pfizer was mixed is trading lower here in the pre market.

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