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Railing at the skies. This clenched you. Dr i just go like oh no it's molineaux. What did they say. It's not that hard. I don't make them do the labor. We're in the same year i. My last name is phonetic very easy to read in the amount of people who check into hotel. Whatever it is looked out of it. Then get it and get a guest guinness smile on their face and butcher it so brutally mature your last name. I mean this thing this looking down looking at lake is. It hurts and burger as happened a thousand times. It's sort of like reading not reading. It's twenty letters so it scares them. They just barely panicked with big. There's a zena gut creepy. There's isn't it i. It doesn't contain the it's like they're just making a guess based on nothing like it's like they're going is it damon like wild reading the word david. Yeah exactly they pull in the disease team where the team. It's exactly yeah. And i let it slide pennsylvania and yet if someone says the state you're wrong you absolutely lose it. Yeah pitch please. It's our only thing we have. No one is from nevada. We've produced jimmy kimmel and that's my go. Boxing judge knows lane. And that's about it and you have a nuclear waste site read. Carry the chemical brothers tony. Danza nice. Dry land christine. Leon leo tolstoy arrests and i wanna say woody harrelson who say tammy faye bakker. I want to say you have all of these fans. England david bath hispanic thirty by the beatles. Wasn't good what that is. That's our one thing we hold onto. I always jimmy kimmel above them just because like our little secret. Yeah we're kind of president. All for the beatles were born. There moved when started their band there while six originally and then they get rid of cigarettes. The statues of all six in wendy. How do people say your last name mono oh any number of ways. Anyway you could think of to say that wrong anex mullen nukes small somebody simone nerve ones which is weird. They just don't say it right. And that's fine malino. It's fine. whatever people want to say but what really annoys. I will say there's one thing that annoys me when people try to be very french french about it like monja and i'm just like oh my fucking god. No no no. Can you imagine if. I insisted everyone go. Windy mon new gusting. I hate it when people do that. That okay so. I have a pet peeve. Do i them and quit the zoom now because i was never on zoom when that happens if you were just on zone just came up and you just did exactly what you're none of you. I said mom used to me was in there was a little buzzer finally got pushed. I don't love it. But i don't storm off. I don't think yeah. I don't think she would leave. That was only. Because i gave a preemptive warning guys a muting my video for second. So i can rearrange my legs. Not because i'm storing off. Pardon noisy out your legs. No just meeting my video. Oh moving my icy got it. My legs are very noisy. I have cell either condition called cellophane. Like when i moved them. It sounds like a hundred people unwrapping candies all at once. It's when i walk. I 'cause absolute sensation on the boulevard. But that's not. This is your show and i don't want to cause i wanna hear yourself can't well i've put a filter on the zoom but i also like to meet the videos to know to see my head move forward and back in this way..

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