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Time. let me give a quick report here talk about reporting boating accidents will first of all it is anybody has a boating accident they must. talk to the other motor if it's a double blow acts that they must pass along their name and information in church since hi the number the boat knowledge of the staff name rank serial number of course to the other boat involved. if there's any loss of life. must be reported immediately of course and if it's in state waters it should be reported to the FWC or the local municipal law enforcement if there is any personal injury that requires anything more than that first date no retreat but a bandaid on it take an aspirin you don't need to report you have to go to and what Terry care of the doctor's office of the art must be reported and also any damage to the boat of three two skews me two thousand dollars or more must be reported. yes for complete loss of the boat and that's to cover like high action things like that that would might not cost two thousand. so anyway. if we pay attention and we take our time always follow all the rules and we might not have these boating accidents and then we went after port just drive straight drive. careful not garage there in Saint Peter's temple will be safe out there this is Donna Jimmy thank you Sir good stuff right there yeah we got talk little musky loom musky fishing we have time for one more what do one more in order to break we got time for one more the school more of those two like it tis Bridger said bring the heat the razor the plows bring the heat Allen St Pete Europe how are you brother. yeah I might call you circumvent tastic the region the playoffs do twelve baseball. you know what I'm part of the problem and I'm I'm like you I'm from somewhere else I'm from the from Jacksonville so I grew up a Braves fan and never got that out of my blood.

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