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I'm trying to see see i've done to see like i don't really like to gravitate to that because i think i've probably heard a lot of stories that they've told people already unless it's like real vaccines. I don't really really the only ones that i really do enjoy that. It's into businesses <hes> something to wrestle. Those is <hes> the the edge christian like i hear from time to time of course don't go stuff. I like <hes> engine. Cornyn cornelis coins guy ever. We i i when it comes to outside. People like us opinionated fans. Whatever it just it comes fucking up. I don't know i i guess i guess it's because like i say as not us always me because i think we're in the pool of podcast so you know looking toward a look on the outer. I wanna relate but i can't really because i'm one of the exactly so guys. What do you guys this when it comes to wrestling other podcasts out there that you enjoy <hes> right now i've been stuck in listened to radio guns podcast about howard stern is an anti howard stern <hes> podcasts and i'm gonna be ah stern fan but he's fuck as shifting my fucking dog processes you resist so what guy what do you think about what are you listening to this podcast right right now. It's not going to go away or whatever genre whatever it is you guys. Are you guys have made it to where you can be a part of it as in doing your own or you guys are going to be the audience which just listen knows that you're enjoying it. So what are you guys are into so when we come back. We're going to have our predictions sion's. Yes we have <hes> an x._t. Takeover u._k. And e w is all out and the only place that you could get that as on <unk> tablets group page because i'm not doing it anywhere else. We're we're done so i'm not sharing anywhere else at it so if you guys want to chime in and do that goal to the temperature tablet group age other than that <hes> thanks for partaken involved facebook live twitter and youtube in periscope and all that thanks for for the segment and other than that which later see you and we'll be back battered when you're listening to turnbuckle pablo guy so we're back mid term tabloid and with this segment. We're only shane faulty t._b._t. Fans listeners not even fans that he never just listeners enthusiasts and fans there which by the way all ski has brought to my. It's such a good idea. Which will i'll share for next week. What's the idea idea or the art idea now with do for next week really so okay name boom so we're going to do first yom all out of the n._f._c. u._k. Annexed we'll we'll do all i. I didn't know fuck that we'll do it in all honesty. Okay i okay i wanted i want by the time you listened to the shit. The show will be over any. I know but it's fine <hes> tomorrow. We'll be here most likely to oppose host review so annex t takeover cardiff <hes> twenty nineteen. Let's go it starts at two o'clock today. Okay he's gonna apply. Put turn on my laptop. Stop leaving me slumped so the first match of the night is travis banks versus noam dar. I'm gonna go with no. Am i am door because i like no one like him door. I like noram door to the annex t u._k. Tech team championship triple threat matches. We have zach gibson in james drake. Your champions versus mark coffee and wolfgang apart of the faction versus flash morgan webster mark andrews. I'm gonna take. I'm going to take the team to retain. I'm gonna take coffee and wolfgang really yes. 'cause i like my men. Call vienna and we'll get coffee black well. He's white so i'll take extra cream care. I don't care. I'm not doing any ship. <hes> so you can retain oh cool the last man standing match..

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