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The state's clean air regulations the boycott suggested by county supervisor Sheila kewl and Janice Hahn mirrors one that'll be in and enacted by the state next month Cory the supervisors the county spends twenty million to thirty million dollars a year purchasing vehicles and director Clint Eastwood in Warner brothers may face a defamation lawsuit over the new film Richard Jewell the Atlanta journal constitution says the movie strongly suggests that its former reporter slept with an F. B. I. agents for information the paper's current editor says that is false the reporter Kathy Scruggs died in two thousand one the studio is standing by their movie Richard Jewell deals with the nineteen ninety six Atlanta Olympic bombing jul was a security guard who was initially suspected but who was later cleared the wheel bomber was later caught and convicted Kevin trip K. A. B. C. news and company pensions may soon be a thing of the past Phil Hewlett explain your report from consulting firm Mercer shows that almost two thirds of pension funds are considering dropping benefits to new workers in the next five years according to the report U. S. plans are in their worst shape in two years some companies like General Electric have offered buyout plans or frozen benefits about three months after surviving a near fatal car crash in Calabasas comedian Kevin Hart has become the newest on a read in the forecourt of the Chinese theatre in Hollywood the honor for heart comes days before the release of Jumanji the next level which reunites him with Dwayne the rock Johnson who was among those at this morning's hand and footprint ceremony talk radio seven ninety K. A. B. C. sports reserve in Toronto tomorrow Lakers are visiting lore Landau tomorrow.

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