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A testing capacity on managed an unrivalled anywhere in the world Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer on the other hand remains deeply critical of the administration's response saying the United States performance has fallen short of other countries maybe she's Jordan Phelps in Washington Dr Anthony Fauci in CDC director Dr operate fill both testifying today remotely before a Senate panel more than eighty thousand covert nineteenth nationwide one point four million cases Jerry Preston ABC news it's coming up on eight oh three the corona viruses to blame for over a dozen more deaths in Florida department of health announcing the deaths of fourteen people yesterday including a fifty year old man from Broward three each in Miami Dade and Lee counties I mean they still hold the state high four hundred ninety deaths Florida and all his lost one thousand seven hundred thirty five people to covert nineteen parks golf courses in waterways have been open in several areas for about two weeks now now Broward county commissioners are gathering this morning to draft a phase one plan to get some businesses back open I think the the key word is safely we we businesses want to open people want dozens is to start opening but we were just trying to figure out how to do that safely and quickly commissioner mark Bogen thinks the county can start re opening in a week or two but stresses those businesses that do not follow new guidelines will be shut down he also believes that beaches can be reopened with conditions I'm Dave said to implement phase one next Monday Palm Beach took the first steps to reopen yesterday almost forty three million Americans meanwhile are in danger of losing their health insurance from employers admit the corona virus outbreak the study states that from March fifteenth to April twenty fifth thirty million people filed for unemployment and that number will most likely rise the unemployment rate was at fourteen point seven percent as of may the eighth some Americans will be able to take advantage of expanded Medicaid benefits under obamacare but millions of other people will not have access to those benefits that's mark Mayfield reporting it for South Florida restaurants salons and other small businesses are expected to get the A. okay to reopen by next week in Miami Dade Broward with sal Nuzzo with the James Madison institute says these counties have gone without their economic bread and butter for so long that small businesses may not be able to recover you've got small businesses that are that are very concerned that they're going to get sued that something's gonna happen that a second wave my comments to eight a lot of those tional reaction as opposed to strategic course bond he says Florida fared much better than anyone expected ranking tenth in the nation for covered nineteen deaths but now it's time to restart the economy and the people who own America's small businesses are losing faith the small business optimism index fell again in April for the second month in a row sales expectations are at a record low most business owners say they're sure the economy will get worse in the near term but they do expect it to improve over the next six months to a year nine of the optimism index's ten components fell last month eight oh five United Airlines will now let passengers know ahead of time if their flights expected to be more than seventy percent full the move comes after United flight on Saturday left many passengers feeling scared and shocked that every single seat was occupied making social distancing impossible and the next time you go to Walt Disney World when it reopens you can have to were more than just your Mickey ears the cast members and guests at Walt Disney World will have to wear face masks something that will be a little trying I think for some of the gas particularly hot humid summers that we tend to have on CNBC Disney CEO Bob traffic said new safety protocols will be in place before gates open again parts of Disney springs the dining and entertainment complex at Walt Disney World will open next week the parks are taking reservations for guests to return in July Rory o'neill newsradio six ten W. Y. O. D. coronavirus it's affected all of us and we want to hear from you please go to W. I. O. D. dot com to complete our quarantine survey we promise it short I'm Natalie Rodriguez Jimmy all right thanks coming up some really good news about the virus and what we hear these things more often in more newscast more networks more newspapers why we know the answer that I would four eight twelve travel get a tentative areas extend WYO date.

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