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We are going to have off in different directions for awhile you because if i was the whole to get another fight against going to take some time and a uh big win you also i kinda figure we're heading in a different direction and you'll system by ended it was all every conversation i had with my management with michael gene were was how do we find a way to do this again and end up bomb cook was like i think the john old stories a bit over said but we can be creative if that's what you really want so i guadeloupe outta we get it done and that's all we thought about in terms of the fight aspects of it but to hear something like this something again that's not really has nothing to do with me is good said it's very frustrating and my my whole issue is just i don't understand all in these situations you could be you can put your so in no is he's in trouble then i mean i gotta be honest with you you know i think he's gonna turn trouble now uh based on based on uh this things come comeback positive at all uh uh they and again i've been in this program for a long time it a lot of times uh it's you take a pistol a company split between two cubs you know that's what your bsample is not like came from two different uh sure sample right it's one it's one one time to use the bathroom a spirited split into two cups uh so to think that half would be messed up in the other half is it is very very rare uh in in the times of you saw that there has been some bsample that have come back different but that's whenever they've been store for a really long time sometimes uh uh uh sometimes with epo in a hormone because we produce a natural in our body so sometimes that may happen but uh for a steroid especially fourth an answer especially if it is what they're saying that it was going to be very difficult for this thing to.

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