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Com slash PPV. Now back to Matthew Stafford, is you and I talked about to start the show. This really isn't much of a surprise. Given the rhetoric. We were hearing coming out of Detroit during free agency last year. Did he want out? Did you want to get traded while financially? It wasn't feasible for the Lions at that point, but wait until 2021. The guy's only got 43 million. Um, remaining on a deal that stretches two more years. It was a team friendly extension at the time that he signed it. And now after the year that he had five and 11 for the Lions fourth place as usual in the NFC North. This was very much the final straw for Stafford in Detroit. Here's Michael Rothstein, ESPN Lions reporter on why this was the final year for Matthew Stafford. This season, though it felt and there was never any true evidence, not just stop would never said it. But it just really felt like Matthew Stafford was hitting maybe a little bit of a breaking point with the franchise and with the losing, he was asked whether or not he had it in him to go through another rebuild, and he Deflected the question. He deflected all questions about his future. And this is after year after year after year of him always say I want to be in Detroit. I want to be in Detroit. It was something that was noticeable at the time. During the season. Now I think a lot of people myself included a little bit, brushed it off as it's another bad year, and he wants to see what's going to happen. But there was always this thought a little bit, Maybe in the back of people's heads that this could be it for Matthew Stafford. In Detroit just because of what would be happening at the end of the season that we've seen in the last month yourself. So he goes 12 seasons in Detroit without a single playoff win, had obviously been to the wild card in a couple years with under Jim Caldwell, but was never able to get a playoff victory. Legacy aside the Lions right now we're thinking about Well what convey get in return for Matthew Stafford. And apparently, the selling point is a first round pick. I think that in a year where you have so many quarterbacks, I'm not just talking. Trevor Laurence Justin Fields, Trey lands, You know Zack Wilson. There's a lot of other names on day two that will become available that you could ask. For a first round pick and get that in return. Get the hall that you want back if you are the lions. Well, I want to bury the lead here. First of all, Thank goodness we finally get the perspective of Michael Rosten from Detroit. Okay are Lions reporter He's his voice is soothing. It's soothing my years. This is his Super Bowl Tonight, people nobody bad games, Ross teens had to cover every bad press conferences. Ad head coaching hires bad free agents bad everything. And this isn't like a good story. But at least it's a bigger story, and Matthew Stafford is moving on for Detroit. So it's good to get Ross Teens of perspective on this big story tonight. Uh, Well, I think what it boils down to is this is Dan Campbell. Your guy Courtney? The dude got with GM and said, Okay, so if Matthew Stafford comes back next year What is that going to get us? And they both said, Well, probably fourth place in the NFC North. Maybe third place. We'll see what Chicago does there there a wild card right now for last place in the NFC north next year. So I mean, you just You knew what you were going to get its time. Time for Stafford to see Courtney if, in fact he Congar Oto a team a better team and actually lead them to the playoffs, which is no guarantee that he's able to do Time for him to see if that can happen, And it's also time for the lines to see if they can find somebody better if they could find somebody better and cheaper because that contract has been dragging them down. For many, many years, So I think this is going to benefit both parties. It was time for the clean break. I agree with you, and I think there's a couple teams that come to mind immediately when you're thinking about trade partners. Colt 40 Niners Broncos in Saints, But I would love for the rhetoric to start spitting in the NFL world with the Houston Texans. Maybe Matthew Stafford gets to return home after 12 seasons in Detroit, and maybe to Shawn Watson goes up, Tonto. Motor City up next we get an expert to give you his best bets for tomorrow's championship games is his game night on ESPN Radio and the ESPN app. Coming up Monday. It's NFL.

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