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Dot org to find out if you are a donor that is three Kevin attitudes in a row that I will be participating in. Yes. This one for sure. Save lives kid. Who knows baby Elias, you know, he's got a fight ahead of them and if he didn't stay alive, you wouldn't be able to fucking listen to the Carter five. It took through how many years to come out. There are people who were probably suffering from diseases who are like God, I just want to hang on and time to listen to Carter five guess what happened? They fucking died. They fucking died and they didn't get to listen to Carter. Five. How long has it been waiting to put this out? He doesn't thirteen fourteen I heard about it. And then the whole, like lawsuit with with baby or whatever. Holding it hostage? Yeah. Why he sent me a, he's a big Drake's, low Wayne, STAN. He sent me this whole time line of it. And I mean, it is a if you are a die-hard Lil Wayne fan. This is a long time coming. This starts this dates back to two thousand eleven when the Carter four drops. So everything after Carter fours, like, all right, Carter five next Carter by that. And then it just became mix tapes and drama and fights, and lawsuits, and seizures, and Katie Couric interviews Wayne, no, Katy Kirk. Injuries before then because I remember I was at mardi gras and I was in college, and I said, MS Gedi, I'm gangs. One thousand times anytime anyone asks me anything stadium, gangs. I guess. So they finally make up. They're all good. Like I guess it was maybe a month ago. Birdman was came out on stage flat out said, I'm sorry, which was the most mature thing. The rat game has ever seen like there's been beef and there's been squashed like even recently Drake brings meek, mill onstage. Obviously it's cool, but baby was on stage and he was like, I just wanna say, I'm sorry. I apologize. Little Wayne. People forget they kiss on the lips. We're everyone's focused on Tom Brady now, baby and little. The I actually, I forgot just about baby and men. Me and Logan went to that party goes at the after they BMA's beam as that's what I was after the amaz went to the party and slim and baby were there. And I was like standing right next to the baby and he was talking to whoever the head of Republic records is, and he was standing there listening to him and the whole time just doing the hands thing. He got. He does real life. I was so excited. Really. Sitting there, listening to guys constantly rubbing his hands. I may. I, honestly, they are. So the cooler guys in the rap game or at least or you know, it important bad ass. You take note, you know their gift. You know their moves, you know their lines, you know everything. Where are you a little wing guy, Keith? I mean, we all are, but like you're, you're a big way. My favorite robbery of all time really say when he came out on stage at the patriots SuperBowl party, it was electric city. Almost more euphoric. Then coming back down twenty three hole because it was, I think we knew some people were there, but I don't think we knew Wayne was there. So he came out and this is like that. He was kind of like the whole team came out on stage and the whole team was like, I got to see this fucking stage. You know how you remember like very specific images of like VHS tape covers and DVD's and stuff you had when you were a kid and the and your mind. The block is hot album cover with him standing watching the cartoon firebomb. That's probably the the those original. I, I guess it was cash. Money was was cash, was juvenile when juvenile on them were? How is it cash money at that point, whatever record label that was, I don't know if it was called casper not their album. Mart was always ridiculous. Flames and money. Gold coins followed Illinois was the same Photoshop like people were just like mess around and Microsoft. And paying the same thing for each artist to like June now is the same as little way was the same as.

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