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Got a win it's two games giving up six hits three earned runs in four innings I'll be pinching it's going to be miles then John Rodriguez while formally known the reason for Peter David Eckstein on the disabled list two thirds of a third of an inning for Fred Thompson and then one inning of work for Tyler Johnson one inning of work with a walk and two strikeouts Johnson a third of an inning and a got a fly ball out now miles the pitch by Mota high and outside ball one to nothing match you might expect to try to overthrow her he is he does he could be while high working for the stretch of the bases empty your mobile Tom's of fastball in there one ball one strike his fastballs at ninety four to ninety five miles an hour wiles bats left handed jokes about two to three inches the swings and hits a ride back to the pitcher throws about my application now John Rodriguez is going to bat for Thompson the cardinals of not putting men on base tonight number thirty three John Rodriguez Rodriguez in the division series little for one I was as a pinch hitter motor holds a baseball on the right hand dangles the right arm love again Celeste fought by leaning in reading son motor pixies sign up makes the pitch you once and brings it in high and outside ball one it was picked up from the Cleveland Indians along with cash considerations on August twentieth two thousand six alive D. as a robber you can use in anyway you the pitch a swing on a ground ball foul this past day became the first base coach he worked in eighteen games after coming back to the National League from the Indians three year old with a one point zero ERA even in thirty four games in one one and three with a six point one ERA what nineteen struck out twenty seven for the tried started out Montreal under the Dodgers to Florida back to the Dodgers then the Florida Cleveland and now the Mets good on the and a very good changeup the pitch Rodriguez one ball two strikes the baseball making the rounds in Bagan back to the pitching rubber while the Mets fans standards well John one in the bottom of the sixth the only sport where tonight will clinch my models try to start shopping with the the again throwing ninety four ninety five miles an hour you'll see much of the same but from the other side from love to entertain Billy Wagner in the ninth inning six nine is looking for his first in four trips to the plate into going two for fifteen against the Padres David takes a high fastball one no president Wilson is on deck was Duncan's B. zero they're available off the bench pitch up an end to one on X. nine then it will be doing the catching the cardinals take to the field in the bottom of the eighth so Taguchi is available from the right side of the nearer home run option online break in San Diego the pitch of the name brand on next time not only was at Busch Stadium in the cardinals loss to the Padres indigo G. lined one to left field well that's what's available for Tony LaRussa will excite is trying to work his way on base here against year I'm almost to the pitch hi ball for next nine throws the bat away and runs the first he was going to lead to a wealthy changes mind on that page residents I take another walk in here anything to get out of there with two one fans are buzzing here in New York president Wilson steps up motion is answer good swings tonight two ground outs and a base hit to left field motor from the stretch Eckstein leads the pitch lowball wantonly Duca wants to talk to Israeli pension Paul pulls stands in the on deck circle swinging the bat well we're on the third base side of Shea Stadium president is capable of doing what Beltran did in the sixth inning this is capable as Albert Pujols the on deck batter there's during in the bull pen now for the New York Mets as Rick Peterson jogging to the mound those during out there no one is doing not yet then Chad Bradford those suffering right handed pitcher is cranking it up he's getting loose and it'll begin throwing it won't take him long to get ready Jim while he goes out to the mound to break up the conference Rick Peterson that's pitching coach loping back to the dugout those of style in that jog back to the dugout computers here's Preston Wilson one out of three one old account polluted first floor David Eckstein with two outs in the cardinalate BMO Motata relay for blabbing pitches hands just off the plate fastball close call and that goes to Wilson doing all BMO got the first two of seven miles banning for Molina and struck out John Rodriguez batting for Thompson hello to all pitched a Preston Wilson a takes outside three and all the other tools on deck and it's becoming uncomfortable for Guillermo Mota he took a stroll off the mom back to the rubber now from the belt all three pitch a strike in the thirties strolls off the back of the mountain turns and comes back to the pitching rubber Walgreens against the rubble looking over so six six two hundred ten pounds will pitch on the way to the names of pulled down span span this one is going to be nice movies the rest of the regular season at seventeen is playing his first full season eight three two bids with.

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