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He plays that way, but I'm glad you don't see him. You haven't seen him disappear even though maybe he's been shooting and it's not working out for him. And I mean, God, I mean no one goes over the crossbar, quite the way home. Well, you haven't passed an act as well as I wanted to touch on one thing I want to touch on was the shooting. You know. I think that the the hip may be hindering him a little bit said, one of my live stream. Yeah. Yeah. His hip just looks like his in the rotation of that one timer and so on. And and he shoots like a baseball hockey player and it's been well documented that that he he wants to, like, shoot a, my lack which is basically off of the freaking tow or of the month, the the chip. Yeah. So yeah. Same thing. Auston Matthews. Do they do that new, like, snapshot, where they curl it back, and they whip it at the net? Yes, yeah, yeah. So, I mean, hopefully, it's okay hip injuries a tough because I always use Wayne Simmonds as an example, but I know that Wayne Simmonds wasn't a one-time setup guy, dead. Like like pasternack's roll. The the thing with passing a package is more like that Ovechkin type like I'm in my office. This is where I'm shooting, good luck, stop it. But what we're seeing right now, I just think that it's going to take a little bit longer for past an active, or can heal. Because even though he might be playing at eighty, to ninety percent, which is allowable that he'll probably still not fully healed. Yeah. And so he I just looked it up real quick. He did so since the trade deadline and basically off the top six was formed, he had four goals and 12 assists and the seasons. So, sixteen points not terrible by any means, but none of them were power plate and none of his four goals were a power-play goal and that's in my eyes a little bit concerned because he's your goal scorer, especially on the power play and your threat. And I think dead If I'm looking at it, I'm looking at it quickly. He only had two power-play points since the trade deadline, and that's a little bit concerning. Obviously, the Bruins power-play hasn't been the best summer season and especially the first p p. Yeah, yeah..

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