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Com slash man is speaking of the stupidity coming to the United States going to omit Amanda prestige Giacomo daily wire a transgender woman meeting and biological male is now suing to compete in the miss Oregon pageant he was barred because he's a man United States of America pageant is being sued by beauty queen contender in integrating was biologically male and trans gender after being denied a chance to compete in this organ pageant due to his axe name is it yourself or just what the men compete afterall they're gonna be rated along feminine in the lines of long QT ones yeah except that the next step is that any judge who does not say that the transgender woman is just as female and beautiful as the other women is going to be accused of transphobia I guess the next step is we believe people into suggesting that because trans women or women trans female beauty is the same as everyone else's in the female category now that is the next step is he going to be that South Park cartoon with macho man Randy savage compete as a woman with the other women in a weightlifting competition according to Daily wire claiming discrimination green is attempting to force the pageant to change its rules and is seeking unspecified monetary damages of course of course this is about giving minorities a voice screen claims according to the outlets I believe I'm beautiful well who cares what you believe I mean honestly like you're entitled to believe that you're beautiful but beauty pageants about other people think of you know you're you're literally being rated on your beauty that's literally the promise of a beauty pageant and I want to set an example for all women since Jenner and transgender the beauty doesn't have to fit into specific molds well you're gonna have a tough time setting that example for women since your man also I'm puzzled by the idea that like surgeons are really good these days they can make anything look like anything pretty much so why eight honestly these if these pageants just want to have if these pageants just want to basically have natural born women in the pageant you just change the rules they can't have a surgery before you're in the pageant's out in this thing real quick the pageants website special is busily T. D. details in its rules that only natural born female contestants are permitted contestants would pose nude in filler prince or given birth are also barred from competing the eligibility requirements you have to between thirteen and seventeen years of age and you have to be a natural born female when green inform the pageant his sex is male and rector offer to find a passion that allows trans folks in which green could compete so bring friends to this sent a link with passion was never reading them responding you know I'm trans gender right I did not Smith wrote back I rules and regulations last same sex marriage however this is a natural pageant Smith and offer to help bring find another pageant queen Esther Smith would be willing to change the rules allow transgender women to compete against my throat we'll be happy to help you find.

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