Mike It discussed on This Feels Terrible With Erin McGathy


Like no matter what size i've been mike it's always like i like just people wills people will sleep with you and then the men being leg yeah just talking to you as if like they're the first person to ever say anything nice to you is like you have it at like they're putting themselves on the back gradually finding you attractive he can sell because they'll say things like you're actually quite beautiful yes oh my god i hear that i that is what i always here in a situation always always always like all these sitting at the bar and like i'm always told that i have a pretty face thing yeah but like i'll be sitting at the bar and like i'm i'm i'm five i'm five tan and lake not and i'll be whatever and a guy flick from faraway it will i don't know whatever not be attracted to be maybe because my silhouette and then or very attractive to me because my but some but more sorry please don't if you're if you're listening like don't ever say somebody like hey i always here like hey you're actually really hot you're actually we're capturing oh my god have you ever seen i've been living my life like a troll and i for granted these are now to know this right budge who sounds really for she as she sees really really great really great and she has a jet was cells of fat and it as a joke about like guys who a leg i'd fuck you and she's like on i'm going to put to a completely cecez them like what are they expect us to do is be like oh my god thank you that's suffolk daddy leaving.

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