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Immune system goes haywire and certain proteins can mimic other organs. So more and more data is coming out of late showing that proteins found in both dairy and gluten can actually mimic proteins found in the thyroid. If you were eating this and now you're having leaky gut your body. Not only is attacking those food proteins food. Antigens it's going to say hey there's more deer here let me attack that part too so auto immunity literally means your own. Immune system is attacking your body other. Autoimmune conditions include type one diabetes the immune system. Oftentimes this happens after virus or severe severe illness. It will attack the pink risk rheumatoid arthritis your immune system attacking the joints. There can be so many different. Autoimmune diseases and those antibodies are going to attack different places. But in my case with Hashimoto's it again I kind of was that perfect storm. I was breastfed a few months but was largely formula fed terrible standard American diet growing up. I was always sick. I cannot even count. How many ear infections they had as a child. Augmentin was like my multivitamin. I took this antibiotic so often and you know growing up when I was a kid. Doctors weren't as cautious with antibiotics as they're learning to be now was. Why would you even go to the doctor? You'RE GONNA get antibiotics so I took concert antibiotics rate constant ear infections. Which now I know were likely due to dairy and again that that unhealthy lifestyle that I had likely gave way to me having that intestinal permeability leaky gut and then my immune system kind of triggered attacked my thyroid and so that's how I ended up being diagnosed with she motives and mentioned also at the same time. I was sedentary not only driver poor diet. I'm sedentary that led me to become obese and my diet also led me to become insulin resistant and so I had very very high levels of insulin and as I mentioned I was diagnosed with prediabetes. Those two are some of the top indicators and RISK FACTORS FOR P. C. O. S. which is polycystic Ovarian Syndrome are over do produce cysts regularly. But PCS is characterized when you're producing too many cysts at once so these follicles in the ovaries are producing these.

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