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And they asked me to come in there. And that's a job that I've wanted since my idol was Trevor Denman, and I always wanted to succeed him in some way, if it would happen. But I thought that that was very impossible. Just because I figured Trevor would be calling raises way longer than I would. Anyway. Sure. So, but anyhow, I'm very grateful to the Stronach group for for wanting me, they're a lot of people have wondered, you know, why they are bringing me and this and that and the other, and I just think it's a matter of the management has choice of what they want. And it's just the way it is. This is what they wanted me. And I'm I'm grateful, and I'm very thankful to take the opportunity, and it's the ultimate destination for me. And it's something that look I give my heart and soul to. I don't care. What mood I'm in? What situation? I mean. I give my heart and soul every day at every racetrack. I've ever worked. I'm very thankful to all the people that have helped me throughout my career helpful to thankful to the California fares thankful to Oakland to Louisiana downs too. High Elliott ardine? Who let me call my first race at Hollywood park and all the other people in between. There are many of them. And of course, the New York Racing Association to come to look like anything when you're running a race and your mama th park, for example, you know, obviously, they'd be Oaklawn park. I would never have this job. If I had not called for four years at Oakland four, and I felt bad leaving Oaklawn, and I know that I fended them by leaving. And Toby Keith told me this Toby Keith actually reached out to me after I left. I was surprised I had met him. I met Toby Keith the night after that Arkansas derby, by the way, and we talked and he explained to me how he writes songs, and it was fascinating. And I had to do with a wheel and the smokes. But Toby Keith actually reached out to me when I didn't get the job at Santa Anita. And he said Frank let me just say this to you. You don't leave a job for an audition? You leave a job for a job? And it's something that has resonated in my mind many times, but there is no price on your dream. You have to go after what you want in this world, and I had to do it. And I don't regret having. Done it. But I felt bad that Oaklawn felt betrayed by me leaving. And in the end, I didn't get the job that I was going for and I feel bad, but I believe in my heart. I would never have gotten this into this position because you have to it's like anything in order for American pharaoh to win the triple crown he had to go and win the Arkansas derby through Oaklawn Oakland, offer some of the best racing in the world. And it's even getting better now. And so they were good to me and they treated me. Well, and and I gave them everything. I had let me tell you this. I'm a big boy, you would think that I'd be a guy that would have high blood pressure. I never had high blood pressure in my life until I worked at Oakland. It's a high stress position there because it's not only the calling of races. It's the community activities the rotary clubs this that and big fields lot of you know, intensity. But it was very good for me. And it was a very fun for for C four year run over there, and mama park has been great to me. Everything's worked out. It's just like this is a dream. Come true, you know, very rarely in life. Do you? Get your dream come true. But this is happening. And and you know, when that press release went out at it was extremely gratifying. And I, and I really appreciate the quotes that I saw from timid VO in there because if you wanna make an over under on the number of minutes, Tim read VO, and I have either spoken or seen each other. You could take the unders we have not spent much time together..

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