FBI, Linda Kenyon Washington, Texas discussed on Mark Levin


I think we're going to be helping people out we're going to be getting some money for them during the artificial artificial closure Costantini Washington more than two point four million Americans filed for unemployment benefits last week bringing the total to nearly thirty nine million due to the pandemic during the virtual federal reserve conference chairman Jerome Powell said efforts to forecast the US economy's path to recovery there's a whole new level of uncertainty I barbecue sack the Georgia man who recorded the fatal shooting of Amon Arbor in February has now been charged with murder is correspondent Martin Savidge reports William Roddy Bryan the man who took that video and he's the man who's now been taken into custody today exactly two weeks from the time that you had great great and Travis make Michael that were taken into arrest the nation as a new spy chief the eighties or forty nine the nays are forty four and the nomination is confirmed he's John Radcliffe and he will be the new director of national intelligence president trump last year said he would nominate rack lifted the post but the Texas conservative Republican congressman initially withdrew his name from consideration amid reports that he inflated his resume and had no national intelligence experience Linda Kenyon Washington the FBI says a shooting at a Texas Naval Air Station that wounded a sailor I left the gunman dead is being investigated as terrorism related and public says it's time to check the roads from traffic.

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