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Go home fuck your robot idiot next on the list max you is a magician new owned the mad cow wisey so far donald list tim lakota brand antarctica while in my book magicians go first and he was only in twenty episodes how many were un now what what i'm saying is like i mean i guess british turco visit only in thirty seconds khalid himself mixed jitters van is only in 25 percent of the episode jesse spanos is the edge j w you can you can love bedi hand idea can get by she was the originalist j w and hate that we use that well and your rogatory anyway yeah next excellent leon kurowski interesting that you think it's rogatory issued leon kurowski mr corrosiveness zero c lira minis dead he hated zak is acquisition of bone his daughter while not doing the job they're yonker associate hara leon kurowski is a man that hired like a seventy year old kid go work at his beach resort and make had shirks all his responsibilities and tries to have sex with his daughter yeah and we're supposed to be on that guys of the kids side news lucky as is trying to run a business here and what was the business it was lazily to resort a summertime beach resort yeah the beach tradition its malibu's what it was like a country club right yeah it was a resort but like oh yeah a country go where like people paid members ago.

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