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The scandal and the support for chilean bishop who was accused of a knowing about abuse in chile and doing nothing about it saturday's announcement from the vat again came on the same day that a vatican investigator will take the testimony in new york one of the main whistle blowers in that coverup scandal the initial threeyear mandate on the abuse investigation commission had lapsed back on december seventeen thin now pope francis is reviving in it'll be taking a look at cases of alleged abuse involving the clergy a rally to support gun safety legislation is taking place today in fort lauderdale this in the wake of course of the florida school shooting authorities now questioning what they could have done to prevent the attack that took the lives of fourteen students on aflac director coach and a geography teacher alleged shooter was not operating under the radar we now know and the local sheriff admits his knob one one centred took twenty calls about the suspect in recent years if we find out like in in in any investigation that one about deputies or call takers could have done something better always remiss i'll handle it accordingly and the fbi also admits that it may have mishandled complaints about this alleged gunman four massachusetts governor mitt romney is back on the campaign trail the time running for senate in his home state of utah romney told a dinner crowd last night that his relationship with president trump is good for the most part i'm not always with the president on on what he might say or do and if that happens i'll call them like i see him that way i have in the past but we could certainly work together and in our agenda will be for the best interest of the people of utah and the people of our country in mexico an earthquake seven point two on the richter scale rattled people and places but a apparently did only a minimal damage in did not kill anyone meteorologist allison chinchar says this weekend there could be some aftershocks aftershocks don't have to be right on top of that original epicenter location and that's important because you can be hundreds of kilometers away and experience one of the aftershocks and this earthquake last night was felt in mexico city were more than two hundred people died in a large earthquake last fall pity people love pretty rattled they're seen running out into the.

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