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Com slash how wait Taylor what's the poll question what are the results thus far well the Massachusetts supreme judicial court allow for the release of some inmates to protect them from the virus god I hope not I say no eighty one percent I think some will be released then of course they don't have the statutory ability to do so the constitutional ability to do so but what what I want to say I never stopped any court lately all right so it's time that we didn't do it yesterday so now it's time for hate mail Monday through you yes it is time for hate mail Monday and as always it is brought to you by PNC does the baking company celebrating over one hundred years of banking excellence since nineteen sixteen I will actually be enjoying some PS does the tonight with my American chop suey I'll be sure to tweet out a picture for all my fans and followers out there okay how we so we have three Hey mail messages and they're very very very hateful today I'm gonna start with a woman who just stumbled across as I believe and she's never ever going to watches again this is cut twenty two all only in wrong and disgusting Transamerica and I cry you're you're you're you're just disgusting I can't believe it I will never like you again so how are we going to get her viewership I'm disgusting white ball deceitful dastardly I was gonna be that disgusting twice how we fear not you can be all of those things because the thing about hate mail as we usually get a feature from a beloved figure on the show how he likes to call her granny we actually don't know her real name and and she took a hiatus for awhile but she's back in a big way and this is one of the most curse filled messages I've ever received from granny and I think it's a keeper services cut twenty three hi I know it's not being taped a listening through but trump still a.

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Taylor, PNC, Massachusetts discussed on Howie Carr

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