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People who watch reality are also just in that wheelhouse tell me you know what i meet like we're obsessed with calls were obsessed with crime were obsessed with like all that ship we'll we're being all anthropology cultural anthropologists exactly some like if you like you know vander pump rules than your you like colts because they're basically in one i know they're in they're in a total institution to leave like brilliant leave no she and she won't she's not going to lead up now new citizens how can people find you tell them how they can track you down so they can find my podcast pink shade with aaron martin it's on all platforms itunes is one of the most popular stitcher and then i'm on twitter i tweet more than i do instagram but twitter and instagram or both at aaron liam martin amazing will thank you thank you avait amazing cake jc i want to thank my bossom guests this week's sheena moakler not ritter aaron more reminder you can go to my website love and knuckles dot com to read my reality tv recaps and tons of other pieces are you in the facebook group yet i mean i don't know how many times i've asked people during the week about this well they'll say i love the show i love the community but are you in the facebook group go to facebook go to the search button put in reality life with casey awesome people deep diving reality shows all week long you will find some pals it will not disappoint and then of course my other facebook page is love and knuckles you can find me on twitter at kate casey tweet to me about the shows that you want to watch the shows you are watching i don't know talk to me about what's going on in your life and then my instagram is at kate casey ca please check that out as well i always up celebrity parody pictures and you.

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