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Welcome back. George Noory here. Julia Vosper birds with us, and we'll take your final calls in just a moment. Her websites are linked up at coast to coast, AM dot com. And also don't forget, she's got this website for global scientific experiment at how will that experiment work. Julia on that website, their permanent code dot com. Oh, yeah. So if you go to the permission co dot com and you click on the positive pre cog training link. It takes you to once you log in and register yourself it takes you to a whole array of like a classroom area where you could see videos from me, but also many other people an events area where it tells you about the controlled pretend mission online class that we're doing it takes you to a hall of fame where people can see their scores. And she if anyone right now is we have a very high standard for hall of fame. So if people get in the hall of fame it major scientifically statistically been shown to be a positive peacock. So that's pretty impressive. So I don't know if anyone's in there. Yes, everyone's like six hundred seventy people who are working towards it. Right now, I probably more after this show, but the most important piece of that at least to me because I like data is practicing testing links. So you would click on practicing testing, and it would take you through. And it would ask you if you'd be willing to experiment, you can go through the whole practice and testing program without ever being in the experiment. So it's totally optional but people who want to be an experiment can say yes to that. And then they go through the six steps of control precondition, we walk people through the six steps. I'm getting yourself ready to receive that information to write down, your impressions shouldn't draw the pictures that appear for you..

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