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With six hundred, twenty three yards good God in an upset of the defending national champion. So raises a little bit of a quarterback conversation that have here does with that sort of success for Mississippi State and that offense do you believe that there for real in the SEC? I tell you what guys I think that the the Mississippi State bulldogs are GonNa put teams in the situation where they're going to be in a shootout constantly that's what they're going to bring to the SEC. They're going to force your offense to have to alter their game plan because most offenses in the sec they're not built for shootout I mean we're talking about team that once you Have to get into like fifty or sixty point game each time they take the field K J, Castillo played at the level that he played at Baton Rouge I, mean, the Grad transfer from Stanford was just he was relentless even when he had a bad play who will come back out there firing all on also there's a gear. So I love the fact that they're going to put that type of pressure on teams weekend and week out in the conference coach. While, Cagey Costello add a chance to compete against him when he was at Stanford and I was at Ucla and he's always been a very, very impressive player and he's a perfect fit for what Mike Leach wants to do stand tall the pocket he's patient he's accurate he makes very good decisions and and they are going to put pressure on people but My question is when it comes time to run the ball because they're gonNA, get in a game where they're going to have to run the ball against some of these great sec defense are they going to be able to do it? You know and I, and I don't know that yet. So for me jury still out. About like what Mike Leach is bringing to the SEC he's changing it up a little bit. He's got a quarterback that you know is really fun to watch a team. That's really fun to watch but. I'm going to hold judgment right now and and and. More. When when they get in a game that maybe it's just a little bit tighter or a defense is a little bit stronger than Lsu was on on Saturday. All right. Well, let's take a look at the other quarterback. We're talking about that would be dear king who's obviously I think that's become like a weekly segment for us. We all love dear king and what's happening for. Miami now they got Clemson next weekend but coach Yvan time to look at what he's done. A bigger body of work I mean is Miami Endear King capable of contending with Clemson I think they can. They can compete with them. Can they beat him I don't think so yet I think they're moving in the right direction on dear king. He's six touchdowns zero interceptions with secure in the football is critical. If you WANNA win a tightly contested game like they'll probably have versus clemson and he's such a multiple, not just a dual but multiple threat he can stand in the pocket and throwing it out of the pocket and throw. He makes great decisions when he's out of the pocket weather to throw to run and he can really run the football and I love the way. Miami's running the football and playing defense but. We're still talking about Clemson we're stuck till talking about a developing Miami team but listen I I love Derek King I love the way he plays I love the way presents himself as a leader I like his maturity everything about him but I just don't know that they're they're ready yet. Thoughts. Agree with coach I. think that they're probably a year or two away from my actually competing or beating clips. It's one thing to go out there and compete in that. You know what what we call a competitive ballgame wasn't score have to be forced to be competitive or you know maybe compared of early and then gets away late I think there may be maybe a year or two away from that Derek. King is the talk of the town I live in Miami Terry One guy who's really impressed me so far coach is Cam Harris to running back I think cam here's. An extraordinary. Season so far early part of the season he's the MVP of that team because the office goes through cam hairs, the man. Eight yards per carry I mean eight yards, Makara, are you kidding me has five touchdowns on the season already has hit home runs out the gate built like, Frank Gore, Kinda stoute's. Sturdy but he has some speed. So I love the fact that they're running the ball the way they are with the new OC Lashley and it takes a lot of pressure off a deer king. He doesn't go. He needs to go out there and make plays with them to win games. He got a lot of talent around him who who, who are doing special things you guys are just agreeing on everything. I'M GONNA have to stir the pot here. Somewhere. We'll find something for you guys disagree on. It's GonNa be fun to watch moving forward. So all this quarterback conversation, we're going to tell you next.

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