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News time to nineteen a juror in the Whitey Bulger trial joins WBZ's Dan Rae on nightside and says she regrets her vote to convict the mobster WBZ's Doug cope with more. Author Janet Euler says she got to know Bolger well after he was convicted they exchanged one hundred letters and she visited him face to face as for the eleven victims Bolger was found guilty of killing. That's how he would have justified. It. It was all within the the criminal circle killed anybody outside that that criminal circle. It was business. Euler says Bulger told her he was not responsible for killing three of those eleven murder victims Doug, cope, WBZ NewsRadio. Ten thirty. President Trump has issued a proclamation to deny asylum to anyone who enters the country illegally. The order is intended to circumvent laws stating that anyone is eligible for asylum. No matter how they entered the country, the ACLU and other groups sued in federal court, arguing the order is illegal about seventy thousand people seek asylum each year who enter enter the country illegally. French officials say the Trump administration has agreed to consult with NATO partners. On its plan to pull out of an arms control treaty with Russia. Aides to French president Emmanuel Macron said the decision was made during a meeting between President Trump and Macron in Paris today, the White House hasn't commented so far, but the president's national security adviser John Bolton said yesterday in Paris. The US is in very close consultation with allies on the treaty issue, and are quote, very optimistic about a common position on the us and NATO have accused Russia of violating the intermediate range nuclear forces treaty. WBZ news time to twenty one. The traveling version of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial is making a stop in Foxborough the moving wall the half size replica of the famous memorial in Washington DC arrived at patriot place on Thursday. The memorial is open to the public for all hours of the day and night 'til Monday parking and admission is free. The wall is inscribed with the names of nearly sixty thousand men and women who died during the Vietnam war. Well, there's a Turkey giveaway that we want to tell you about benefiting of veterans families provide besides providing thanksgiving meals. The Redondo foundation also offers courses for recognizing PTSD in an effort to prevent suicide. Everybody in the foundation has become certified to give a one hour course, which is called QPR question persuade refer and at this point. We've had six hundred people between two thousand seventeen in two thousand eighteen taken the course, active duty servicemembers as well as veterans.

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