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Or do you think? Think it's not like I said, hey, would you rather die? Listen, be ethical or be like rich and have a skew a deal here. They're like that's not what I said. I can be man that balloon is getting bigger and bigger. Learn. Business in ethics are supposed to go together. But sometimes good business does away with the ethics. Sometimes what I'm saying. You write this? I can funny face forget who yard. That's all. You forget that. You started off as boxing fans. You know? I got people in the chatroom my own nets beggar Eddie. Yeah. I'm begging that to make the fucking best fight we want you fucking dummy. Wake up and smell the coffee. You don't want the best. And and no he did the right thing for AJ Tyson fury. Did was right nigga. I don't give a fuck about that. I want to fight. I want to fight. You calling me a dick rider because I'm dick writing the situation because I don't make Doman saying nobody calling you a dick rider ain't we don't want to fight. You don't want to. Tyson fury made a fucking businessman. You don't want the fight. I he made a good this move. But he also made a shit decision to sit on that contract. It could be. The camera interview on no one saying like, bro, you know, by going over there, you made it harder. Like don't act like you ain't lifting was one negative interview. Fear Suzanne talking fucking fucking feel as the question one. And then say Suk fucked up fucked up. Perfect. Lease at least, you can admit it might lot people can't. Caring now people like you and Mario can emit ran on. Why are you so city about a guy trying to make a different fighter instead of? Yeah. Right here. No next time. I'm gonna be I'm not gonna lie. I'm gonna take necessary for it. If you gonna be like, yo you think this subject to let's move it on. Remember, I want I want the best face. I'm not saying one of the best shows. Go to five though, bro. You make me. And Mario saying Josh would never fight wild. Josh fiery. Right. My I was going to save this one like ace and a whole like if we. Bring it out. Snag it down. Like if it was dominoes. But like, you think you slick you say praising fury, you know. Well, actually, he's mad at Fiorillo. He's married over there. Ain't you? But you ain't Matt Crawford CR saying. Learning. Trump. I through x Averill. Verbatim. I cannot be mad at Tyson theory. If I'm not mad at at Terrence coffers Begum, I verbatim. Also now you Eddie now you Eddie say one thing today. Few seconds later said nother who. Decide wiz y'all. Fooled. You. Little is you mad. If you're you're not I can't be mad at. Coffered? And they fight fair. I wanna see in with the PBC. Right away and fair. I wanna see feary in water as a businessman in the business. Major now respect let business do less. You're doing too much actual question. I hear you course. Oh, you mad. If you. Fighting. So then why you not mad at cough. But I don't need you to answer that I'm headed move on. Yes. The question and tell them to move on. Because look I s but Nozoe prove that Mike is untrustworthy. He can't be trustworthy MB trust the he'd like one deal for. Doesn't like one deal for fury but likes that same deal for Crawford. Like. Doing new day had that he had that for forever Akon. Go ahead. You did the one thing that you didn't really you grossed over is that you took one part of what Spinoza said, and you use that to say, well, this means Eddie Hon, isn't trustworthy, really and truly the argument on Twitter the public spat was really about was a contract sent the country fifty minutes right here. Yeah. Heads show contract. And to save them way that he showed the little the little clip or the little screen shot of the agreement that he alleged that was breached or that he believes entered into unethically..

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