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And and I made this statement earlier today, and I made it last week. I'm telling you This guy Pace and Maggie. This has been year after year after year. He's not playing the starters and the exhibition season Now this year, he says, You've got to be playing the exhibition games because you got to get used to the actual speed and timing and temple of a game. I mean, you got to be kidding me. But I'm going to tell you they don't move. This team doesn't get to the Super Bowl marked by I'll say it again. These guys are gone. They're gone. How many times is everybody going to make excuses for him? Game after game year after year, and we keep getting the same stuff. How the hell can you have a kid like Boney? Who's absolutely I mean, ah ah, bullet flying down the field and we use him on a 12 yard hook into gangs. We don't stretch the field. We did it again today. It's insane. And it's OK. We went on tipped balls. We went on another quarterback. Uh, making stupid calls or plays and it's always a tight game. We're winning by a 0.2 points, five points, seven points, maybe and we got to kick a field goal at the end of the game. Enough is enough. Just look at what you see every week. Do you see it's trying to burn up the field trying to score Do you see it? Did you see it for the last 30 minutes today? Jesus. OK, when you know, folks that the the answer They're not going to tell you what the answers, but we will. The answer is they know what and who Travis? She is, So they know they cannot shift into that gear because it's just going to lead to the road to doom. Now she had them, Dan Well, but that's OK. We're married to him now because he was, you know. They sold out his life for now, Let me just tell you this Mark Carman Blake Martinez was the linebacker that we saw today that played for the Packers for the last 45 years and What do you think? Blake Martinez was saying in the meetings watching the film getting ready for the Bears about Mitchell? True Biscay? What do you think he was saying? What do you think they was He saying all of this guy? You gotta watch him, man. He's you know what he's saying? Bait and jump. And you know what act like, you know somebody's open, obviously, then you know, try to, you know, break on the ball and cover and I'm just telling you if you have had a little ring time with this offense with Robiskie, it doesn't take a genius to figure out it's just a matter of time. Now he's going to make the unforced error. Well, Blake Martinez for the record was the giant deflected the fourth and two past those intended for Jimmy Graham had bounced up into the air that landed up in Bobby Massey's hands. You gotta first I know on that it was going to be, you know, a real quick kidder to the tight end. They jumped around, they forced it up. Bobby Master was the one that's how we won the first two games. Goofy place horseshoe that that play allowed them to at least take some time off the clock. They ended up missing the field goal, right, but But how much time did they have? At the end of the game that was burned up night right now work. They were killing the clock and they were out of it. But he went. We'll get back to some 312981 72 102 minute time out, and we'll get to Mike and Ron and Rob and you 312981 72 100. Campanile be. The Bears are too and, uh oh, beating the Giants, but it has not been a picture perfect First two weeks will be fretting away. 7 20 w GM. Oh, yeah. Barlinnie is back on the air. Exactly. Christopher. Since 1995 we've been feeding Chicago are Italian beef pizzas and meatballs so spectacular that we now shoot them nationwide..

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