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Shows multiple workouts from many many horses here based in southern California. All you need to do is go to their website put in the search box the name of the horse. You're looking for it up. We'll pop a series of workouts, absolutely free of charge. And you know, many of the noted Clockers out here guys like Toby, Terrell and anti Harrington. They've said the same thing that you in Bob Baffert that the horses very headstrong. And you can even see that. When you watch that most recent work kind of looks like he's kinda got into the grandstands a little bit. He's not really focused. He kinda puts he kinda has different years where when he is focused. He's brilliant. But winning. Down. He's not that brilliant. So you know, there is a forecast perhaps of some rain here in southern California late tomorrow. I don't know if it'll impact the races. But I'm sure that's another consideration that that trainer, Bob. It is is certainly considering. Finally, before we talk about the today, actually, because we do have the Stronach five and the Anthony the fourth is part of the the five it starts at laurel today at four thirty the laurel night, the Gulfstream ninth these Anthony to fourth Gulfstream tenth and Golden Gate v the maiden special weight on the grass, but before we do anything on the head. He capping side looking forward. I also want you to mention the Jeff Mullins prowess the turf success. That Mullins is crafted river Boyne was being some people feel like maybe he wasn't necessarily best in the math is brothers mile. But he prevailed. I mean he had three horses coming at them late. But. Mold is tremendous job with him. And then I'm dean her lady a shamrock win that she ran right back. I think that that was a. I don't think the running back on short rest was the issue as much as the distance without Medine. But the those were those were racist worth noting and also under the radar Vladimir Zorin with Han Maura in the Franken. Very brilliant speed type of fours perhaps look for her. Maybe in the new race at Gulfstream Park on Pegasus World Cup day. Stay tuned for more information on that. But you talked about Jeff Mullen, Stephen, certainly the the resurgence of resurgence of Jeff for for his turf racing comes with the affiliation with red baron bar all of the horses that you mentioned whether it's a dean river Boyne or others all were fresh imports from Europe. And it's interesting the strategy. They have is they run the very first race off the plane without any sort of workouts in southern California. Then Jeff's able to tighten them up a little bit. And it actually seems like they improve and you mentioned being running the American oaks. I thought one of the more brilliant performances in opening week on opening week was the winner of the American oaks competition of ideas from the Chad Brown barn. What a devastating turn of foot, she's lightly ratio. Now, a grade one winner I expect to hear big things from here from her in two thousand nineteen. I also wanna slip in the two the two year old performance that Giza goddess, certainly unusual for John sheriffs to have a youngster, you know, this keyed up early. But if you didn't see Giza goddess win, the blue norther the other day and Caroline calmly who has taken the book for Breese blank and got her got block on her on Giza goddess. And that's a Philly worth following Cairo. Prints product, brief blankets such a good turf writer, you think back to ten or fifteen years ago. He was writing for Bobby Franklin. Remember him shipping out to mama park and riding the United Nations for Bobby another another mounts around the country as well. So Reese doesn't get a lot of money. But Caroline is a very very much hustling type of agent. She did great work with Stuart Elliott..

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