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Your turned away in was been convincing when he said he wanna go back to usc or the college game. Yes sir all right. Let's jump in. Let's kick it off with danny and knoxville you on the fox sports radio. What up daddy. We'll want oh man home. Welcome lesser for some caller. Thank you buddy. Thank you As far as remiremont. I think we take from aaron rodgers and we need to relax man. We need to relax Think about what. Jimmy johnson deal with dallas and urban meyer is a smart guy he know coming in coming in a a a terrible franchise is gonna take time and he has the patient and and and he might. He might not be successful but we need to relax. You need to relax. It's gonna take that. Did you see the video did you. Did you hear the mean. I hear you. Danny and you make sense and i got it for my goodness. Can you collect. Chris stick chess. I'll put some bass in your voice and let people know that you're committed to jacksonville that that's he didn't do that right. How long was this. The iraqi find out. How long do we get a four year. Like eighty eighty billion dollars. He got twelve million a year. Somebody asked me part of me. And i'm not thinking about moving on. There's like it's not even a place in my mind. I'm like guys. I just signed for four years. We're at game number. One exact stop it. I'm not going anywhere. I got the best young quarterback in in the league. I got an owner. I got an old. Who's giving me control chris. Why let me buy the groceries and demille. Where am i going exactly right. Patrick in new jersey you're in the couple of fox sports radio which got from upstate. New york but Where you been to jersey a few times georgia's yes we'll you would upstate new york though decide right in lake george lake. George i got you all right. We got you where you had on this rolla. Hear what he had to say. But i think you know. I i hate these decisions. When gm's call up these College coaches that have done great in college. I mean the list like chip kelly. Nick sabin who jim. Her was real good but he ended up going back. I i don't. I i think you need brain guys that have been in the nfl. I know Pete carroll's still up. I know he started in the nfl. But like everybody else. You gotta get guys that are used to being in the nfl that came through the system. Not guys that are used to just winning in college and you don't hiring urban is going to be be successful in the nfl. Is that what you're saying. I i don't think he's gonna give it enough time to be successful. I mean look what look what he had win. College why would you leave that now. He's thinking oh crap that's why he sounds so guam he's like oh man. Why did i leave. I had ever. Everybody loved me. I d language and you know he doesn't look you know like he's enjoying himself and coaches often do that but you know what i'm saying around the lakes whereas they loss chris is been a bad star. Ross strength and conditioning coach hire bad blew up in his face. Tibo there was pushback out. Tibo lives next door a friend of his. Now you know they got a different relationship..

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