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Orange county 24hour news more stimulating talk pearl scott decry has also been given 25 years to life for an attempted murder on top of eight life terms the judges told decry he's become the face of evil and seal beach decry admitted he murdered eight people at salon mary josh and an attack aimed at his ex wife the sentence comes after the orange county district attorney's office was disqualified from the case the judge found the da's office and the sheriff's department had misused jail informants the murders happened in 2011 decry pleaded guilty in 2014 eric leonard kfi news businesses around playa del rey say they're starving on la's road diet the la ex chamber of commerce has asked councilman mike bonnin three verse all the lane reductions group president christina davis's some businesses have less tens of thousands of dollars of art is the one that really affect the lower pytor says she says the traffic jams could stop other businesses from opening in playa del rey some people in granada hill say they're fed up with a homeless encampment in a backyard squatters have built a little village around a home neighbors say it's ruined the vibe arcades they can play in front of the house anymore it's just an absolute mess said garbage everywhere ten sen kampman all encampment in the backyard some claim they say people dumping pu down storm drains neighbors have called police regularly but so far the city hasn't been able to do it anything because the whole voter has allowed it in granada hills andrew rolling back kfi news hall of fame surfer has teamed up with a member of congress to keep sharks out of corona del mar in can says the coastline in that part of orange county is perfect attest to shark early warning system out here at corona doma we were position six of the soda bain's to completely blanket the area from the rocks here across to the jetty with a couple of louise and the water coke liver booze he says the system could be ruled by next memorial day he's working with republican congressman dana rohrabacher to get the project in the water he estimates the.

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