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Our body. Do what it was naturally designed to do in. I am a firm believer in. I was actually told back that I worked without this spa that you're meant to live with headaches in. I I remember hearing that and being like almost like how dare you? Because you haven't lived my life in like, I can't control this like how can you say that to me like what are you saying that I'm broken but in? In fact, it's like there's a lot of things in my life that needed to change. And then it's like, yeah, we actually aren't meant to live with headaches. So we use these essential oils. We learned that they help our body do is nationally designed to do. But with that point is well when I first got into central oils. I remember I was actually teaching at the time at the local high school, and I put a specific oil in my diffuser, and I put a lot in everyone at said like go slowly s- when you're first Weiner beginner like only one to two drops. Now is like whatever you guys, you're crazy. So put like seven drops in there. I had the worst headache in that room. And I was like so again for me, I'm norm- I'm used headaches. I'm like, well, what is what's going on? Like, why am I having this horrible headache ends up? I leave that room and actually the headache goes away. So I was having to reaction to this oil that I was using which actually I'd heard at the time like sometimes you can have sort of like this detox reaction to these oils. Because there's so much junk that we are just our bodies are under attack. Like, I was talking about that these oils kind of have to come in and let clean us out. So we might experience some affect so with that if you get into oil, you're trying to help out these other issues understand that you might face those issues in the first half of it or the first part to then get you to the ultimate goal when you're bound certain. Yeah. I remember getting the text from you because you're like a brand new and you were so excited to use your oil yet. You're likes him. I I don't think I can use these oils like this is making my headache worse. No like you like you gotta slow down. You gotta ios last. And like politically stick with it. So. Yeah. Are you glad you did? Oh, my yes. And this is one of the things that I'm so passionate about them because it changed my whole life style. So it was like dipping the toe in the water. And now, I'm just all in. But the oils were the thing that kind of helped me be intrude to this to this world to this lifestyle. Yeah. So Pinkus, a little picture of kind of what that looked like for you. What were your favorite oils like when you were having a headache? Which would you kind of go to maybe where would you put them on your body, and what are those kind of lifestyle changes that the oil's really helped you implement the have made such an impact? Absolutely. Okay. So first things first, you know, you get you get your pack of like eleven oils, and you start using them for all the things right again. I don't want ever say I'm just gonna use this one oil for this symptom. So I want. It to be using Daij is or one for that helps support the digestive system. I wanna be using.

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