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Business a year after accusations of sexual misconduct, by tallies partnership with the family dissolving with batali no longer having a stake in his sprawling restaurant group. According to a publicly released letter to employees batali leaving the day to day management of the restaurants back in December of two thousand seventeen a new company will replace the old one run by the sister of batallions longtime business partner. Joe Bostian batali has also reportedly divest. His shares in Italy a rapidly growing chain of Italian supermarkets. Hillary barsky, Fox News, Alabama. Governor Kay Ivey has toured the damage in rural Lee county days after at least twenty tornadoes broke out. The governor is saying the damage is awful. And she was surprised there weren't more deaths. Twenty Twenty-three people died in the storm more and more Americans getting hurt while out walking their dogs. Abbas most often when the dog strains of the lesion causes the Walker to lose their balance and fall most common injuries seen at hospitals. Fractured hips university of Pennsylvania. Researchers look at emergency room numbers for people sixty five and older finding forty four hundred ER visits from dog walking injuries in two thousand seventeen that's up from seventeen hundred in two thousand four the suggestion is strength training for owners in obedience training for the dogs. Studies published in the journal Joe surgery. Chris foster, Fox News. A group representing farmers and ranchers is praising a federal agencies proposal to drop protections for gray wolves across the lower. Over forty eight states. The American Farm Bureau federation says wolves have recovered from the brink of extinction and management of the species should return to state wildlife agencies director of congressional relations. Ryan Yates tells the Associated Press many of the group's members have lost livestock. Wolf kills since the population began to recover acting interior secretary David Bernhardt announced the plan to.

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