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The list the hall of fame refuse to take him off the list he's one of the greatest players eventually he got in every year i see harry carson there and i remember a great conversation that i have after being passed over six times five times got in on my six and that was with jim trotter it was the he was the first person that as a selector that i saw once i got into the auditory him and he said chris you have the choice you have the choice that you can either harbor all these thoughts that you had for all these years when you should have been in the hall you right or you can enjoy the moment and be celebrated with the other grades i chose to take door number two because it's easy to do the other way all right tyrrell's taken away his moment he's taken that moment away from everyone who coached him everyone who played with them and that's his own decision i'm glad to hall decided to do what they did now at the hall if i felt like the hall was wrong and he should be recognized i will be the first to say giving the hall regrets this decision to include terrell owens no they're obligated to vote in the best football players ever they're obligated to do that and they got it right by having to rail to be selected so his bus will be in the hall but he's decided young wanna come to celebrate when you say he's depriving the his coaches or his family or whatever of that moment i that's something that i find really interesting because whether i think about because i know you so well i think about your hall of fame speech and you pointing out your close friends you talking about your brothers and seeing a man why now know your brother john i think i think crying he was so taken aback by the things you said about him your high school coaches there what it means for the other people who aren't don't get to be the hall of famers that moment what te'o is taking from them as you put it can you can you explain what you're talking about the so many people that help you in a career like this that you can't actually stay get up there with a clear conscience and like you know something i'm bigger stronger faster i worked harder than everyone else i made all the right decision there's no one that can say that every story in the hall is a tremendous journey of their football life and it to me i'm always amazed at there was always forks in the road like their lives were not hall of fame lives there was a time sanson opportunity for them to be marginalized by bad decisions or not wanting to put forth the effort and there's so many people man pick you up and wash your pads and and no one's screaming their name they don't make millions of dollars but this is their moment you can wreck you can acknowledge them and let people give them some recognition but you've never have that weekend that weekend is gone because if he decides to ever go to the hall you don't have no speak in part you don't get to say nothing it's about that new class so right now about the eighteen class next year it'd be about the nineteen class in twenty it'd be about the twenty class so those fifteen minutes you have to speak it is a rap it's over with he'll never get those fifteen minutes back and i can guarantee you he will regret it because that is one of the most powerful moments i call it i call it the heaven of football and you get a chance to have a speaking part and you've decided to give that away because oh they didn't let you in a year number one alan page didn't get in either i balhaf can you imagine that is great as his and there's so many other stories of guys so i just believe he missed a tremendous opportunity you said if he comes he shows up in nineteen or twenty or whatever he doesn't have a speaking part if he as he now he's a grown man so i'm not anticipating this but if at some point he has a change of heart or philosophy is conciliatory in any way do you think the hall of famers is you talk about his brother you guys you guys do as much as you can i don't want.

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