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And by the time when I'm getting out, I'm thinking Well, I should have got insurance on this rent a car because it's probably going to be upside down by the time back out here. I mean, and you know how the radar fans dress? Yeah. You know, and and and they are just nuts and their fires all over there swinging swords, and it's just like and I It was the old. Not second knows there's two times I've feared for my safety. Um, but, yeah, I was just like I was nervous. I was scared in that place. The other time was when I was a very, very, very young broadcaster. I was working part time at the all news station here where I had interned also in Buffalo called W E. B R at the time, and I was also working at the airlines part time so I could fly for free. So what I would do is go to the Monday night games for the radio station because I can fly for free, right? And you know, it was cool. And I would get a discount hotel because I worked for the airlines and they go. Yeah, we can do that for you. Well, I went to New York for a jet scheme. And it was it was in the Kelly era in that group, and the bills got they were absolutely annihilating the Jets by halftime, and they started burning the place down. Basically, they started bonfires with hats. I saw some guy you know, a mini TV I saw some guy gets smashed over the head by a mini TV. There were fires everywhere. It fights everywhere, and I'm sitting in the press spot, and this is a night game. So by the time I'm done with my work, it's 111 30 in the morning and I'm thinking I got to walk out to my rent a car. Are you kidding me? I don't want to walk out of here. What am I going to walk into? And it was pretty rowdy in that parking lot, too, as I'm basically racing out there to get out of there. And I'm thinking what is going to happen to me here? It was craziness. There's only one city that I would say is on this list. For me. It's Philadelphia and having been to the vet. For Mets games when I was younger, That's the only time I ever thought like, I don't know if there's like a crazy fan or crazy fans. It was not, You know, Philadelphia, New York have a little bit of a rivalry. I don't know what it is now, and this was a long time ago. But I always I always worried about going to the vet because I thought their fans were just mean to fans of other teams. I never I was never brave enough to go to the spectrum. I would not go see like I never would have gone even if someone gave me tickets to see the Rangers play the Flyers at the spectrum now again. We're talking the 19 seventies. So the flyers then where the broad street bullies and they were getting in fights and everything. It was probably maybe there maybe the hockey version of Raider fans and I would never, ever set foot in the spectrum. It would have scared the living daylights out of my first road trip covering the Sabres gr. Wouldn't It worked? I would have gone to every other arena in the world, except that one because that just Philly fans have always worried me like I just think they're not the New York fans. New York City fans have their moments, too, as you just mentioned, but Philly fans always scared me. Hey, remember an iconic, um Writer from Montreal drove. He didn't want to fly. He drove to Philadelphia for a playoff series against the Flyers. And of course, he had that Quebec license plates. When he came out, all four of his tires were slashed My large, I'm not laughing because it's funny. It's just, um and his license plates were gone, and he's got to go back over the border. Yeah, they took his license plate, slash his tires, and now he's got to Get four new tires and try to get over the border with no plates. Welcome to Philly. Uh, some potentially bad news to pass along about Travis Ctn. This from Ian Rapoport from NFL Network ET en. Um Was listed as out indefinitely with a mid foot sprain. But Rapoport is now has tweeted. After the game last night, he was spotted on crutches. He's saying it's a Lisfranc injury and there will be further tests today. A source said. X rays were negative. The belief is it's just a sprain Exams today will termine how long he's out. I am not a doctor. I try not to play one on the radio. But from what I recall, Liz Frank Injuries can be really troublesome, uh, for players for athletes, because it's something that can linger for a while. It doesn't necessarily go right away. So I'm just Potentially some bad bad news for hopefully, not for Travis Ctn, really exciting player and loved watching him play at Clemson. 80305 50, who are one has impressed you through the first two bills. Preseason games. We're talking some football. We'll get to a little hockey, though, when we get back. Scott Burnside, NHL analyst, reporter, insider long time From the NHL will join us in just a moment. Also coming up at nine. We'll talk about the bills. Josh Allen, the quarterback, the young quarterbacks in the division and a whole bunch of the fun football stuff, Matt Bowen, the former bill from ESPN will join US at nine.

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