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And so the college would have an incentive to help you find a good job that story next on pass by. Good afternoon. It's one twenty seven I'm Eric Roy with KCRW headlines in a rare move Los Angeles County supervisors publicly rebuked sheriff sheriff Alex Vena Weber today over his rehiring of a deputy who'd been fired over allegations of sexual harassment and stalking in an early end of the new sheriff's honeymoon the board approved a motion written by supervisor Catherine bargain, co sponsored by supervisor Sheila cue that expresses grave concerns about the reinstatement of deputy Karen Carlson doyen the motion also expresses alarm over his comments last week that cast doubt on the credibility of Mongolians female accuser. A fellow deputy killed told being aware that this kind of case roles back reforms in the LA county sheriff's department and could hurt efforts to recruit women why any woman would think that was a good place to go. Now, I would have my doubts bargain questioned about back pay for deputy Mongolian who was off the job for a couple of years. Yes. There will be back. We'll get retracted pay to twenty six. Yes. Under the motion approved by county supervisors they'll send a letter to Vienna Weber detailing their concerns, the board also asked the LA county council to look into whether the sheriff overstepped his authority when he overrode county appeals board that upheld Mondo is firing. Meanwhile, Orange County supervisor today approved the financing and design of a mental health center to be built in the city of orange a first of its kind in the county supervisor Andrew DOE said today's approval of the well behavioral health services clinic makes it a historic day in Orange County. The board also approved plans to spend almost seventeen million dollars on the design and construction of the sixty thousand square foot mental health campus officials estimate the construction costs.

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