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On the michael medved show talking about the sudden labor shortage in the united states and its consequences for our economy and most of all for our politics and even for some of the questions about where people live the amazing story of places in the mid west like a saint clair county michigan which now has a community foundation which awards eight grants from among forty applicants and recently raised its war to fifteen thousand dollars to any young person who will relocate in saint clair county now i don't i don't even know where saint clair county michigan is i know it's going to be cold and i know you have to deal with that but when you talk about everybody in the country wanting to go to a handful of places by the way austin texas is one of them texas generally is one of them because the booming economy there but shouldn't it tell you something when right now the the problem in a lot of communities that have been struggling is not enough jobs problem finding enough workers one eight hundred nine five five seventeen seventy six let's go quickly.

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