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In Orlando, Los Angeles County sheriff's deputies say they tried to stop in African American man who was riding a bicycle for what they call a vehicle code violation. Instead, the man ran away, then fought with deputies caught up with him. Lieutenant Braden Dean. The deputy's noticed that inside the clothing items that he dropped was a black semiautomatic handgun. At which time a deputy involved shooting occur. This witness says they fired several shots at a time to no get him. They could be strong once on the leg. The man died of protesters were at the scene last night. Sheriff's Department says it's investigating Shooting comes just over a week after that of Jacob Blake and Kenosha, Wisconsin. Local officials have asked President Trump to stay away, but he's going there today. CBS is Stephen Portnoy. The president says he believes his visit to Kenosha could increase love, not violence. He says he'll meet with law enforcement but not with the family of Jacob Blake. Mr Trump suggested Kyle Rittenhouse 17 year old accused of killing two men in Kenosha with a semiautomatic rifle acted in self defense. He offered this excuse for police or wrong. They used deadly force, You know if they make the wrong decision in the other direction They're probably dead. So they choke sometimes advocates, aren't you? Such mistakes are often a function of ingrained bias. Stephen Portnoy CBS News the White House after saying he'd consider fast tracking approval for covert 19 vaccines without finishing clinical trials. FDA had Dr Stephen Han tell CBS News. The push is not based on politics. I can tell you our decision it FDA. Will not be made on any other criteria in the science and data associated with these clinical trials, and Trump has promised a vaccine by the end of the year. Scientists say it's possible but not guaranteed. This is September 1st. And that means millions of people will be unable to pay the rent pandemic, leaving them out of work. Florida's governor has extended his state's moratorium on evictions. California Nevada have done the same thing while helping landlords to At a governor Steve Cecil Act. It's extremely important to me for the landlord say that the money on this will go directly to the landlords. It won't go to the tenants and give the landlord is a direct remuneration of the landlord. One study says Nearly 40% of Nevada's renters have been laid off because of the pandemic. CBS. Jim Priscilla tells us that one Cos Home delivery service is about to take a giant leap. Amazon has gotten approval from the Federal Aviation Administration to deliver packages by drones. Amazon did not say when that might happen. UPS and a company owned by Google won approval for drone deliveries last year. S and P futures are up six points. Dow futures down eight.

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