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Of our culture our fellow humans. Yeah very very kind of you to sean. How does that fuck it. Feel to hear that. From rob of all i leave it sweet. We always say the power of comedy you can achieve so many things at the power of comedy and educate people without them knowing it you know because you bring them along and you bring them in but you know i remember the show donahue back in the seventies eighties right where he's like. Today we have on congress person this and we have a gay person on and that was that was the subject. There was a gay person on the. What's it like being what what a surprise that. We're all norm. We're all just like you. It's like newsflash. We're all human and we're all part of the human race. Nobody's funny. I would just thinking that like how how important first of all how amazing that must feel knowing that. You've helped whatever way you know. And it's never enough as you know it'll never be enough. They'll be critics. Who long late again. But you did this or you did that. Like fuck it who you know. You can't please everybody all the time. But the fact you're able to that robs able to say that and really mean that must feel amazing. The fact that i realized and asking you about your your upbringing that way that you have been friends for almost twenty years and we've never really talked about that but isn't that such a win. I guess so that we've never talked about it that it's normal. Yeah i guess and other people would say well. You're insensitive for not having asked. I never knew. Do you ever feel that way. No never ask why we're friends. Yeah yeah exactly. But that's because you guys are evolved educated and normal and all of those things and the other thing to bring it back really. Full circle is rob. I dunno if you sean until you know what he was out the allergist he's because he was allergic to less. Yeah no just a wrap that up. Thank you for saying that's very nice At the show is just bigger than all of us. And i was just happy to get a job and then it became this byproduct that we did all of this for to educate america without them. Knowing is what. I was saying very grateful for you saying that it does mean a lot and and you saying that actually helps even more people and we got a long way to go. And i'm so glad you are educated. I want to say very loved seeing this exchanges to rep my own rep. I love it so much. I love sean. So much highlight guys. Just thank you. Well yeah day okay. And i i the sorry i say this to you guys all the time to be the unknown acceptance of a gay guy by straight men is a big deal because it's in. We grew up in our dna to believe that. Oh all straight guys have a problem with gay guys you know. And so and we're always walking around with the added layer of. Will they accept me for who i am instead of. You know anything else and of course we of course we still have to educate people. There's people that don't live in los angeles and new york where you just you know. There's lots of cultures happening all around everybody. So it's easier to accept but we have to do a lot of work still to make sure people know to see us as human rob. What's what's the shooting schedule. Like always sunny in philadelphia. I a listener. We are supported by ziprecruiter. Okay okay with me if you're a business owner who's hiring right. You probably face a lot of challenges when it comes to finding the right person for your role right consider. Here's some of the challenges not enough applicants with the right skills or experience or too many resumes through or you need to hire a sapper whenever not knowing where to post your job reedit. Yeah that's why hiring can feel trying to find a needle in a haystack. Short you can post your job to some job board but then you can do is focus. The right person comes along. You're hoping you're hoping you hope. 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